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October 31 – St. Luke's Day

October 31 – St. Luke's Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In addition, this day was called — Luke, Luke’s Day, Luke’s Day, Luke the Hungry. What they asked the Holy Apostle Luke for was love and advice in the family, healing of eye diseases, as well as prosperity of agricultural crops. He was a painter and teacher of artists, as well as a physician.

On this day, according to tradition, “Onion markets” were held in cities and villages. And although the sale of onions was not profitable, there was demand, and therefore there was supply.

Also on this day, the autumn fishing season began — going to sea for the sake of catch. They turned to the saint with a prayer for good luck and a favorable return.

By the way, for a long time our ancestors believed that the souls of the dead sometimes migrated into fish. Previously, they caught not only with nets, but also with a method called “raying”. This was a nighttime autumn version of fishing: a goat (a special tripod brazier) was placed on the bow of the boat, in which a bunch of splinters were set on fire. The fish, which descended to the depths at dusk, rose to the light of a lit fire, and then the fishermen killed it with a harpoon.

As for St. Luke from the point of view of the church. He is considered the author of the four Gospels. He is also known as one of the 70 apostles and a companion of the Apostle Paul. According to legend, Luke was called to the first sermon about the Kingdom of Heaven, which Jesus preached during his earthly life. Much later, Luke accompanied Paul on his travels. Luke himself suffered martyrdom on the territory of Thebes. During his lifetime he wrote not only 4 Gospels, but also the Acts of the Holy Apostles. In addition, according to historical information, it was Luke who was the first icon painter. His work was the icon of the Mother of God. Subsequently, Luke painted icons of the Chentokhovskaya, Vladimirskaya, Kikkos, and Sumelskaya Mothers of God. It is for this reason that the bow was considered in Rus’ the patron saint of all painters.

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Signs of the day:

  • If the horns of the month are directed to the north, it will be dry and the snow will fall quickly; if to the south, the slush will last until November.
  • If the clouds float from north to south, the weather will be sunny, and from south to north, it will be stormy.
  • If the moon is pale and cloudy, there will be snow and rain, perhaps even frost.

Name days are celebrated today by: Julian, Elizabeth, Leonty, Andrey, Joseph, David, Nikolay, Gabriel, Ivan, Sergey.

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