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Oleg Gazmanov and Egor Beroev played in a short story about Crimea for the film anthology “Native People”

Oleg Gazmanov and Egor Beroev played in a short story about Crimea for the film anthology “Native People”

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Wink video service (a joint venture of Rostelecom and NMG) as part of the film almanac «Family People» On October 31, the premiere of a short story dedicated to Crimea took place. In it, the main characters performed by Yegor Beroev (“Papa”, “Turkish Gambit”, “Dyatlov Pass”) and Kristina Isaykina (“Choir”, “Whirlpool”) showed the peninsula as a place of power where one can find true harmony.

Project «Family People» talks about the relationships of close people with reference to what happened to them 20 years ago. His heroes are not only theater and film stars, but also Russian cities and regions where the events take place. In addition to Crimea, the almanac’s short stories are dedicated to Astrakhan, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Crimea.

The director of the short story about Crimea was Alina Veripya, who shot videos for leading Russian and foreign artists, including SHAMAN, Olga Buzova, “HANDS UP”, etc.

In addition to Egor Beroev and Kristina Isaykina, the novel also stars Oleg Gazmanov, Tatyana Sytova (“The Road to Home,” “Gurzuf”), Svetlana Dorokhina (“Poddubny,” “The Oligarch’s Wife”) and others.

In the story, event manager Katya, after completing a large-scale project, decides to relax in the mountains of Crimea. Katya’s car suddenly stalls, and she finds herself alone among the vineyards, where she meets a passionate winegrower and winemaker, Sergei, who shows her where the real place of power is.

This is an amazing peninsula… With very open people who live their lives in a state of never-ending siesta. Energy and beauty, the air ringing with silence… We burst in with frantic metropolitan energy and on the second day we realized that this place has different rules — we need to slow down to feel and create what we want. This is what the film is about. Filming took place at the Massandra winery. Having crossed the threshold of their “fragrant Vatican”, we felt at home. We were met there, helped and loved like family. This certainly helped us film everything quickly. Everything worked out as it should! — notes director Alina Veripä.

The almanac “Native People” consists of eight short stories of different genres — drama, comedy, melodrama and adventure. They talk about how the lives of the main characters have changed over 20 years, how the country has changed along with them, and how they are trying to find something in common with children who are now at the same age of searching that they themselves were in the 1990s.

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The heroes of the stories are students who studied at the same institute in the 90s and lived together in a dormitory. Then many moved away, their paths diverged and their lives turned out differently, but they did not lose touch and still communicate, help each other and share common problems. Classmates meet after 20 years at the anniversary of their favorite teacher. But how much will happen before this meeting…

The first two episodes of “Family People” — Chelyabinsk and Kazan — were released in the Wink online cinema on October 17, then two new episodes will be released every Tuesday.

Stars of Russian theater and cinema played in the film almanac — Dmitry Dyuzhev, Alexey Makarov, Kamil Larin, Elena Zakharova, Galina Polskikh, Igor Mirkubanov, Alexander Ilyin, Egor Beroev, Alexandra Rebenok, Dmitry Kulichkov, Ivan Zlobin, Oleg Gazmanov, Sergei Chonishvili, Era Ziganshina and others.

The production of the series “Family People” was carried out by the Studio of Creative Initiatives “Otkritie” with the support of the Internet Development Institute (ANO “IRI”). The artistic consultant of the series is the famous director Konstantin Bogomolov, and the short stories were shot by directors Oleg Asadulin, Andrei Lukashevich, Dmitry Gubarev, Ovez Narliev, Alina Veripya, Alexander Kott. The producers of the film were Timofey Noskov, Zhan Prosyanov, Tatyana Voronina, Vanda Krinitskaya and Alexander Prosyanov.

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