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On a small raft… «CRIMEA-SPAS» came to the aid of a lover of «scenic selfies»

On a small raft… «CRIMEA-SPAS» came to the aid of a lover of «scenic selfies»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Yesterday, at 14:25, the operational duty desk of “CRIMEA-SPAS” received a message that there was a woman on a raft on Lake Mikhailovskoye in the city of Saki. He cannot get to the shore on his own. Rescuers’ help is required.

Upon arrival, it turned out that the woman was on a raft about 20 meters from the shore. One of the rescuers, wearing a wetsuit, tied the raft with a rope and brought the citizen to shore. She did not need medical attention— reported in «CRIMEA-SPAS».

On a small raft...

As it turned out, the woman wanted to take a “scenic selfie” on the raft, which subsequently began to float away. Rescuers remind: “a good selfie is a safe selfie«.

On a small raft...

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