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On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony «Remember to live!» was held at the ICC «Artek».

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More than 3,000 children from different parts of Russia and 30 foreign countries took part in the memory lines, which took place in each children’s camp of the Artek ICC. Children came to the line with portraits of the heroes of their families who took part in the Great Patriotic War. A copy of the Banner of Victory was solemnly raised, guests and young participants were greeted. And every word spoken for the children became an awareness of those heroic days and nights of the Great Patriotic War.

On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony

Every year on May 9, Artek, together with the whole country, celebrates Victory Day. And today, as in the distant 1945, this holiday remains both tragic and joyful. Victory Day is a common holiday of all our people and a holiday of every person— the press service of the International Children’s Center notes.

On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony

The solemn line «Remember to live» in the children’s camp «Morskoy» Artek opened with a waltz to the song «May Waltz». The right to solemnly raise the Banner of Victory — the official symbol of the victory of the Soviet people and its Armed Forces over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War — was granted to Nikita Shumakov, leader of the 17th detachment.

On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony

Addressing the residents of Artek, Konstantin Fedorenko, director of the Artek International Children’s Center, said:

I sincerely congratulate you on Victory Day. Thanks to courage and steadfastness, the Soviet people defeated fascism in 1945. Each of us must remember the incredible losses during the battles, remember this huge tragedy, this great feat and be proud of the victory. We express our involvement in the history of our country in St. George ribbons, which today develop on the chest of each of us. It is a symbol of courage and valor. By wearing this ribbon, you and I relate ourselves to our history. We show that we remember, we know, and most importantly, we are proud of our country.

On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony

The ceremony participants noted that the descendants of the winners will always remember the courage and heroism of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, and pride in the Great Victory will never disappear from the people’s memory.

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On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony

Artek residents laid flowers and a cypress garland of Glory at the memorial obelisks. The right to lay a garland at the monument to the Unknown Sailor was presented to the 7th detachment — participants of the All-Russian military-patriotic rally «Eternal Flame-2023».

On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony

During the day, Artek residents will visit significant memorial sites both on the territory of the Center and Crimea. In the afternoon, the Immortal Regiment and a bright concert-rally “Artek — Za the world! For ours! For Russia!

On Victory Day, the solemn ceremony

Photos and materials: press service of ICC Artek.

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