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Only 11% of Crimeans follow signs before an interview

Only 11% of Crimeans follow signs before an interview

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Economically active citizens from Crimea took part in a survey of the service for finding high-paying jobs SuperJob.

Only 11% of Crimeans believe in lucky omens and follow rituals when going for an interview. Most often this concerns appearance: respondents put on a “lucky” item, use perfume that brings good luck, and polish their shoes (if we consider taking care of shoes a sign, then this is a good sign). The vast majority of respondents are against superstitions (89%): “When people turn to rituals and omens, this indicates that the person is ill-prepared, is afraid of the result, doubts or does not know his abilities, or will ultimately transfer responsibility to everyone around him and higher powers— reported the press service of the service.

Employers are removing unnecessary barriers to hiring in the face of staff shortages, and interviews are becoming more constructive.

Dates: January 19-26, 2024

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