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Over the past 24 hours in Sevastopol, scammers have become richer by almost 900 thousand rubles

Over the past 24 hours in Sevastopol, scammers have become richer by almost 900 thousand rubles

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Over the past 24 hours, five local residents who had suffered from scammers contacted the police. The total amount of material damage amounted to almost 900 thousand rubles.

• under the pretext of making money on the Internet

The victim of this scheme was a 39-year-old local resident who, in a messenger chat, received an offer to earn money in the field of promoting popular tourism. The scammers convinced the man to transfer money, allegedly to book rooms in hotel complexes, promising to return it with interest. Believing the attackers, he transferred 326 thousand rubles to accounts under their control.

Having not received a profit and having lost his savings, the victim filed a complaint with the police.

Dear citizens! Offers of quick money by promoting advertising, raising the rating of services or goods, requiring the investment of your money are a scam.

• under the pretext of protecting money in a bank account

This fraudulent scheme affected a 49-year-old employee of a city state enterprise and a 69-year-old pensioner, who believed that they were trying to steal their money and, under the dictation of the scammers, transferred 380 thousand rubles to “safe accounts”.

Dear citizens! If you are told that they are trying to steal your money from your bank account, apply for a loan in your name, or use your bank account to finance foreign terrorist organizations, do not believe it and under no circumstances follow the instructions over the phone. Any such messages and calls come only from scammers.

• when making online purchases

The victims of this type of fraud were a 34-year-old businessman, who wanted to purchase a 3D fence for 164 thousand rubles, and a 51-year-old sailor, who transferred 9 thousand rubles to the scammers, thinking that he was paying for the purchase of spare parts for a car.

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Dear citizens! By making a payment to a seller you don’t know for a product that you have not yet received, you are highly likely to risk losing your money.

source: press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Sevastopol

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