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Overgrown with past: Uchkuevka park on the North side of Sevastopol is not liked by public figures

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Residents of the North side, journalists say «Sevastopol newspaper», are outraged by the improper care of the Uchkuevka park: uncut grass, dried and uncut trees. Public activists inspected the territory and found out that at the end of May, more than 60% of the park was not mowed from standing grass. People are indignant, at first they had to fight for the park to be created, now for regular care of it.

Yes, with this approach, there will never be a normal park. If weed insemination is allowed, then it flies everywhere, including flower beds. Due to the omission of one, then more weeding. Illiterate management is evident— Gennady Sidorov, an activist of the Northern Side, writes on social networks.

He believes that this year the timely mowing of the grass was missed again.

The worst thing is that all those responsible receive bonuses for such care, and stick and catch up — simple hard workers who have to work for themselves and for «that guy» — the boss, deputy and other bloated administrative staff— G. Sidorov is indignant.

In addition, dead wood and uncut trees were found in the park that had not been removed since last year.

Sevastopol residents assess the work of the State Budgetary Institution «Parks and Squares», responsible for the maintenance of the park, as «disgusting». In their opinion, safety issues should always be a priority, especially in public places.

How many more complaints do you need to write in order for normal work to be organized? Is it really necessary to wait for the next element so that a tree falls on someone’s head— ask the local residents and once again ask the city authorities to pay attention to the unsatisfactory work of the responsible departments and institutions subordinate to them.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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