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Performance, master classes and theatrical premieres — events at the Artek International Children's Center for Theater Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The International Children’s Center «Artek» is celebrating International Theater Day. The “Week of Arts” project, which is held under the motto “Contemporary Art: Experiment”, is timed to coincide with the holiday date.

The purpose of the event is to introduce children to new forms of art, to teach them to see the creative world in different ways, to think and rethink what they see. The place of attraction for all Artek residents these days has become the Suuk-Su Palace, entering which everyone can feel the atmosphere of the theatrical lobby, see the performances of their peers — young actors of specialized groups, and become a witness to an unusual production of a theater laboratory with the participation of counselors. For children from specialized theatrical teams, special master classes are held in acting, stage movement, plasticity, speech, make-up. The guys learn about the role of fantasy and imagination in the acting profession and in life, train attention, muscle freedom, learn to manage physical well-being , — the press service of the Artek ICC notes.

Leading workshops — figures of theatrical art, including Evgeny Sologalov — teacher of the theater arts department of the Institute of Contemporary Art, theater and film actor, director, screenwriter; Kirill Darin — Senior Lecturer in the Department of Acting at the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute and Lecturer in the Department of Theater Arts at the Institute of Contemporary Art, theater and film actor; Ekaterina Hamdo — actress of musical and drama theater and cinema.

One of the important events of the week is the performance of the theater studio «Artek» «Concert of high waves». The performance was based on eight poems by Russian poets of the 20th century: Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, Andrei Dementiev, Marina Tsvetaeva, Bella Akhmadulina and others …

The stage for the performance was the hall of the Suuk-Su Palace. With the help of scenery and natural materials, light and sound accompaniment, it was transformed into a seashore. What do people think about when they come to the sea? The performers tried to answer this question by combining poetry and prose, word and action.

We found beautiful poems related to the marine theme and decided to explore this topic. We have been preparing since December last year — we were selecting material, preparing a photo exhibition. We wanted to expand the understanding of art for our viewer. Therefore, we chose the site-specific format — we left the theatrical space, moved the action to the hall. Maybe not everything we wanted to say, the children will immediately understand. Some thoughts and feelings will come later. ,” says Anastasia Kondratenko, director of the Artek theater laboratory. According to Artek residents, the project is unusual and very beautiful, it makes you think about the high and the ordinary, about what we say to each other and what we think about.

In difficult times, one must turn to poetry, it gives light and meaning. Very exciting and beautiful! Thanks to the artists, — says Daria Markova from the Krasnodar Territory.

I love theater, I love art. I really liked the performance. It was interesting to me that each actor has his own small separate performance, but they still work in a team and create a common , — says Nastya Besedina from Yalta.

Artists of the Sevastopol Theater for Young Spectators also became guests of Artek. For Artek residents, they presented the play «Freak» — a sharp satire on modern society, where mass culture dictates «plastic» standards of beauty. The performance of professionals has become an excellent example for young theater-goers.

Art Week will run until 27 March. It will be completed by theatrical premieres of specialized groups. The guys will present their performances, which will be evaluated by a competent jury with the participation of cultural figures. The repertoire of young artists includes a documentary performance based on the play by J. Cage “4.33. A play of (not) silent presence”; pop-documentary performance based on miniatures of mime clown L. Yengibarov “Should a clown be funny?”; fantasy based on documents about O.Ya. Tairov “Only memories will remain after me.”

At Artek, we attract the widest audience to the art of theater. Artek residents see the theater «from the inside» and become full-fledged authors of artistic events. It is important for us that good taste is formed in children, so that they grow up as harmonious personalities. I am sure that our program will give its participants an impetus to develop interest in the theater and in art in general , emphasizes Konstantin Fedorenko, director of the ICC Artek.

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