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Premiere of the play «The Golden Antelope»: fabulous India on the stage of the Crimean Youth Theater

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The repertoire of the Crimean Theater for Young Spectators was replenished with the performance «Golden Antelope».

Light saffron canvases flutter all over the stage: “The sun has risen over India!”, Indian merchants introduce the audience to the fairy tale to the tune of a glucophone and didgeridoo. An ordinary counter can become a Raja’s chair, a rope with a bell can become a buffalo, everything is possible thanks to imagination. The performance was conceived by the artistic director of the production Andrey Permyakov and director Sergei Novikov as a play. The artists, playing with each other, involve the viewer in the adventures of a kind orphan boy who values ​​friendship more than gold. Is it possible to imagine India without music and dance? Of course not! Plastiographer Darina Sharpilo ​​worked with the artists for several months, so that the audience could feel the real melody of this fairy-tale country , — the press service of the theater notes.

India is a country of bright colors, and this was successfully emphasized by the production designer Sergey Dulesov. Grotesque headdresses of «anti-heroes», costumes studded with jewelry, a lot of gold and warm colors — all this is about the amazing country of the «Golden Antelope».

Премьера спектакля "Золотая антилопа": сказочная Индия на сцене Крымского ТЮЗа Премьера спектакля "Золотая антилопа": сказочная Индия на сцене Крымского ТЮЗа

The performance is humorous, but carries a serious message. A story about how a man checks the fineness of gold, and gold checks the fineness of a person.

photo: press service of the Crimean State Theater for Young Spectators

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