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Quality of life index: Yalta entered the top 5 environmentally friendly cities in Russia

Quality of life index: Yalta entered the top 5 environmentally friendly cities in Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Yalta is among the greenest cities in our country. Such data follows from the Quality of Life Index of the state corporation VEB.RF. The authors of the study comprehensively studied the environmental situation in Russian cities.

As the analysis showed, Yalta has a high level of environmental activism. Here, more than half of the residents surveyed are satisfied with efforts to preserve the environment. On average for Russian cities this share is only 19.8%. These data are explained by the fact that the city has created favorable conditions for environmental sustainability. Thus, Yalta has many green areas, a developed infrastructure for waste disposal, and at the same time there are practically no harmful emissions.

Yalta stands out for its high level of population satisfaction with air quality, which is rated at 4.5 points out of 5. Living conditions also depend on the noise level. According to this indicator, Yalta significantly outperforms other cities — here only 3.7% of residents are dissatisfied with the noise level compared to the average for Russian cities of 10.5%. Firstly, Yalta as a resort area is focused on the comfort and relaxation of tourists, so local authorities pay special attention to maintaining silence in the vicinity of the city. Secondly, the abundance of green spaces creates a soundproofing effect.

Another positive factor in the environmental situation in Yalta is the management of household waste. Satisfaction with the quality of waste removal services is 4.4 points here versus the Russian average of 3.3 points. To identify these indicators, the authors of the study studied objective data, as well as the results of surveys of more than 52 thousand residents of Russian cities.

The information and analytical base of the Index is constantly updated with statistical and survey indicators, as well as transaction data. We see the situation in dynamics, as well as the contribution of individual projects and initiatives. In addition to Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which retained high positions in the “Ecology” block of factors, Yalta, Petrozavodsk and Stavropol were able to significantly improvenotes Chief Managing Director of VEB.RF Andrey Samokhin.

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