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Regulation of food pricing is one of the most urgent problems in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Pricing for food products in conditions of economic instability remains one of the most pressing issues in the Crimea, requiring increased attention from the authorities. This opinion was expressed by Oksana Dobrorez, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship Development of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea.

According to her, the largest increase in prices was recorded in non-chain stores and non-stationary trade facilities and amounts to: wheat flour — 32 rubles (growth by 14%)), rice groats — 71 ruble (growth by 15%), buckwheat — 130 rubles (the increase was 29%), pasta — 59 rubles (price increased by 8%), sunflower oil — 82 rubles (increase %), granulated sugar — 59 rubles (the price has increased by 32% in almost all objects of trade), rye-wheat bread — 14 rubles (price increased by 4%), drinking milk — 59 rubles (price increased by 8%), butter — 626 rubles per kg (growth amounted to 16% ), a table egg — 82 rubles (the price increased by 9%), potatoes 32 rubles (the price increased by %), cap mouth — 83 ruble (price increased by 32%).

The rise in prices for sugar, buckwheat and rice has an all-Russian scale and is connected, first of all, with the rush demand in early March. So, in one of the largest Crimean retail chains in early February, sugar sales were in the region of 10 tons per day , in early March, sales rose to 39 tons per day, now sales are at the level of 17-14 tons per day. The peak of rice sales in March was 10 tons per day, now — 2 tons, flour in March — 15 tons, currently — 3 tons per day. Thus, we approached the normal consumption of this product group per day , — assured the head of the Committee.

Separately, Oksana Dobrorez named a set of market methods adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation to regulate prices. Among them are the introduction of tariff and customs measures, the provision of direct support and the allocation of financing for the development of industries, an increase in the holding of fair events and the number of signed memorandums on limiting trade margins for socially important food products and weekly monitoring of average retail prices.

To maximize the coverage of retail facilities in the region, I suggest that the deputies of the Crimean parliament get involved in monitoring prices and working with the population on food security in the assigned territories, Oksana Dobrorez emphasized.

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