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Residents of Sevastopol wrote almost two thousand online appeals over the past week

Residents of Sevastopol wrote almost two thousand online appeals over the past week

CrimeaPRESS reports:

During the week from June 17 to 23, residents of Sevastopol wrote 1,958 messages on social networks and on the “State Services. Let’s decide together.» Specialists from the Regional Management Center collected and analyzed the requests. Most often, Sevastopol residents were interested in issues of landscaping, housing and communal services, and public transport.

Among the messages received for processing are complaints about a pothole on Vasily Shukshin Street, between buildings No. 42 and 44.

The section has become intensively used by transit transport, bypassing the 5th kilometer. The road is straight, with a slight slope, so the transport moves at high speed, and when passing this hole, the suspension of the vehicles produces a characteristic «pop» sound. Please repair itusers shared.

The Department of Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure took up the issue. The hole was soon patched up.

In addition, Sevastopol residents left messages asking to clear storm drains on several streets of the city after the heavy rain that occurred on the night of June 14-15:

It is necessary to clean the drainage system on Podoltseva Street, 67;

After the flooding last night, I ask that you clean the storm drains on Yaltinskaya Street, next to houses No. 34, 36 and 38.

The comments were sent to Vodokanal. The drains were soon flushed.

There were also reports of a faulty traffic light on General Ostryakov Avenue.

Only the section for cars works at the traffic light, but pedestrians get confused and walk under the vehicles— said the Sevastopol residents.

The Department of Transport staff took up the issue. The traffic light was repaired.

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Let us remind you that you can ask questions or write about a problem related to the sphere of transport and roads on the pages of the relevant department on social networks and in the official Telegram channel:

Inquiries on the topic of improvement, housing and communal services, and the state of beaches can be sent to the social networks of the Department of Urban Economy:

In addition, messages on any topic are accepted on the official pages of department heads, deputy governors, city mayor Mikhail Razvozhaev and the Government of Sevastopol on social networks and Telegram, as well as on the “Government Services” platform. Let’s decide together” — the service can be used via a widget on VKontakte, an application or website.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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