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Roads popular with pilgrims and tourists are being repaired in Crimea

Roads popular with pilgrims and tourists are being repaired in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Thanks to the national project “Safe Quality Roads,” 28 sections of highways with a total length of more than 200 km will be renovated in Crimea in 2024. Among them are a large number of sections of roads leading to religious shrines, places where people make pilgrimages.

A large number of people come to such places all year round, many travel from other regions of Russia. Therefore, it is necessary that the roads there are comfortable and safe, so that the impressions of the trip to the shrines are as pleasant as possible.noted the Republican Ministry of Transport.

As part of the national project “Safe Quality Roads”, work is underway to repair the public intermunicipal highway “Zolotoe Pole – Kurskoye” to the “Belogorsk – Feodosia” highway with a length of 10 km. At this site, a full range of work will be carried out to install a leveling layer, lay asphalt concrete pavement, develop roadsides and repair sidewalk surfaces.

This road is an alternative route in the direction to the Toplovsky Holy Trinity Paraskevievsky Monastery — the famous women’s Orthodox monastery, which is located near a water source beating out of the ground, which bears the name of Saint Paraskevi of Rome. According to many legends, it was in this place that her martyrdom took place, after which healing water welled up from underground at this place. Many pilgrims came to this point, believing in the miraculousness of holy water.,” the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Crimea clarified.

Another iconic place is located in the city of Old Crimea — this is the monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Surb Khach, founded in the 14th century and located in a wooded valley on the northwestern slope of the Mount of the Holy Cross; to the south are the ruins of another Armenian monastery — Surb Stepanos (St. Stephen) . Surb-Khach is a monument of national importance and is registered with the state.

In addition to directions to holy places, in Crimea, as part of the national project “Safe Quality Roads,” sections of roads leading to popular tourist routes, children’s health resorts, resorts and socially significant facilities for residents of rural areas are being repaired.

Over the entire period of implementation of the national project “Safe Quality Roads” since 2019, about 1,100 km of regional roads have been repaired in Crimea (which is 13% of the entire highway network)— summed up the Ministry of Transport.

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