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Rose gold of Crimea

Rose gold of Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The flagship of the republic’s agro-industrial complex, the Crimean Rose plant, has been transforming Crimean flowers and herbs into unique beauty formulas for many decades. A sightseeing tour was held at the legendary production site and the investment potential of the industry was presented.

A tour of the legendary factory provided guests with the opportunity to touch the history of the family dynasty, see the magic of creating cosmetics, and feel the power of natural herbs of the peninsula. The company’s specialists spoke about the features of production processes, focusing on the use of natural ingredients and adherence to strict quality standards. Particular attention was paid to the presentation of the investment potential of the essential oil industry in Crimeareports the press service of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea (CRDC).

The plant with a century-old history was in decline 10 years ago: a complete lack of a sales market, destroyed premises, worn-out equipment… The path to success turned out to be thorny. The young team of specialists tested new products, gradually changed equipment, and endured ups and downs. Today “Crimean Rose” is 5 hectares of territory, a production workshop, a laboratory for the development of cosmetics, its own artesian well, 400 types of products made from unique Crimean plants.

Today, the development of essential oil crops is one of the most promising areas of the Crimean economy. The unique geographical location of the peninsula and optimal climatic conditions make it possible to grow a variety of essential oil plants, which are in demand in many industries. In addition, significant scientific potential has been preserved in Crimea.

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Rose gold of Crimea

In addition, essential oil crops are highly resistant to acute shortages of water resources, which makes them less demanding on watering. This is very important for Crimea during periods of water shortage. Today, Crimea already has an extensive variety base of essential oil crops: more than 40 varieties are included in the “State Register of Breeding Achievements Approved for Use in the Russian Federation.”

The development of the industry is facilitated by a favorable investment climate and stable economic growth in the region. The turnover of organizations at the end of 2024 increased by 14.1%, and the volume of industrial production increased by 6.5%. Including the manufacturing industry showed an increase of 12.7%,” the KRRK emphasized.

Such results were achieved thanks to the successful work of the investment team of the Republic of Crimea, the operation of the free economic zone, transparent investment standards and the work of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea, which provide investors with comprehensive assistance in resolving any problematic issues.

Photos and materials: press service of JSC Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea.

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