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Rosreestr: more than 200 thousand people banned real estate transactions without their participation

Rosreestr: more than 200 thousand people banned real estate transactions without their participation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More than 200,000 Russians this year have banned real estate transactions without the personal participation of the owner. This was reported by the press service of Rosreestr. In the first half of this year, about 206.5 thousand Russians issued such a ban. This measure allows to additionally protect the property rights of citizens and housing from fraudsters, explained the head of the department Oleg Skufinsky. After considering the application in the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN), a note appears stating that without the owner it is impossible to register the transfer, termination, restriction of rights and encumbrance of the object, said Skufinsky.

Thus, no one will be able to sell real estate without the personal presence of the rightful owner, even if all the documents necessary for the transaction are presented.— quotes an expert Russian newspaper.

The main flow of applications goes offline — citizens prefer to write an application to the MFC. The share of electronic applications is about 15% (or 30.6 thousand), they can be submitted through the Rosreestr website or the public services portal. On the portal of public services, a prohibitive label can be set in your personal account. An entry in the USRN will appear within five working days, the owner will receive a notification of the entry. In the same way, you can remove a previously established ban.

Applications to ban transactions without personal participation are most often received from residents of the Central Federal District — more than 97.4 thousand applications, of which about 11.8 thousand — in electronic form. Both indicators are the highest in the country and were almost completely provided by Moscow. More than 76.2 thousand applications (10.6 thousand — electronic) fell on the capital.

In the Volga Federal District, 29.3 thousand residents took advantage of such protection against fraudsters (of which 3.7 thousand requests were made through online channels). In this federal district, Bashkortostan became the record holder with 6.8 thousand applications.

The service enjoys almost the same popularity among residents of the North-Western Federal District — 26.8 thousand requests, of which 5.9 thousand are electronic. The main demand for such alternative insurance against fraudsters fell on St. Petersburg — 23.2 thousand. A quarter of them (5.7 thousand) came online.

source: Russian newspaper

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