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Rostec presented an “all-seeing” infrared camera with a detection range of up to 20 km

Rostec presented an “all-seeing” infrared camera with a detection range of up to 20 km

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Ruselectronics holding of the Rostec State Corporation has released the first prototypes of a universal infrared television camera capable of “seeing” in any weather conditions and at any time of the day for tens of kilometers.

The new devices are part of the line of television cameras developed by the Central Research Institute «Electron» (part of Ruselectronics) for working in low visibility conditions. A number of modifications can be used in unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-based surveillance systems, and as part of the on-board surveillance and tracking systems of various aircraft, for example, during rescue operations.

The camera operates in the near-infrared range of 0.95−1.65 microns and can be synchronized with laser illumination. Photons reflected from detected objects are read by a special television sensor in a sealed housing, inside of which there is a radiation-sensitive photocathode and an electron-sensitive matrix in a vacuum. This know-how of the specialists of the Central Research Institute «Electron» makes it possible to reduce the amount of noise interference and increase the resolution of the camera.

Since the main signal that the device records is the laser illumination received at a set time, the foreground and background of the frame are suppressed. When using laser illumination, the equipment detects objects at a distance of up to 20 km and forms a high-resolution image even in complete darkness, in conditions of fog, rain, dust storms, etc.

Near-infrared cameras are in steady demand from both military and civilian customers, since such devices are indispensable for solving a whole range of tasks. For example, our product can be used to detect people on the water during rescue operations. A SWIR camera at night allows you to observe objects an order of magnitude clearer than devices operating in the visible spectral range. And when using laser illumination, the object detection range of our device is 3-3.5 times greater than that of mid- and long-wave range systems. Thus, our development “looks” further and “sees” better— said the General Director of the Central Research Institute «Electron» Alexey Vyaznikov.

source: press service of the Rostec State Corporation

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