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«Russian Dream Movement» raided the Crimean Federal University

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Students and staff of the Crimean Federal University met with a delegation from the Izborsk Club as part of the Russian Dream Movement.

We understand how important meanings and content are, how important ideology is. Now there is a struggle of social technologies. Therefore, it is important for young people, in particular our students, to understand where their world is, and what is the truth , — quotes the press service of the rector of the Crimean Federal University Andrey Falaleev.

«Движение Русской мечты» нагрянуло в Крымский федеральный университет «Движение Русской мечты» нагрянуло в Крымский федеральный университет

«Russian Dream» is the ideology of the post-Soviet state, the author of which was the writer, chairman of the Izborsk Club Alexander Prokhanov. According to him, the «Russian Dream Movement» will unite the whole country and financially support citizens’ initiatives to improve the state.

We proceed from the conviction that if there is a people, then the people have a dream. The dream disappears — the people disappear. That is why we formulated the concept of the Russian Dream. It lies in the creation of a just, exalted country of the future. Today, the Russian people are in a state of creativity, and we are ready to give an opportunity to realize their potential , — said Alexander Prokhanov.

The Izborsk Club has been collecting such projects for a year and a half, Oleg Rozanov, the first deputy chairman of the club, said. From the ideas, the «electors» were selected 100 of the best and combined them into the «Atlas of the Russian Dream». Based on it, they plan to launch a weekly TV program.

The meeting was called «Formula of Russian Victory». It was also attended by representatives of the authorities and the media of Crimea, local opinion leaders and cultural figures.

At the end of the visit, Alexander Prokhanov presented the rector of KFU with the book «The Doctrine of the Russian Dream», co-authored by himself.

The tour of Russia by the Izborsk Club delegation began in Pskov and will end 26 in May in Sevastopol. The founding forum of the Russian Dream Movement and an open concert with the participation of famous Russian performers will take place there.

photo: © Ilya Gogunsky / Press Service of the Crimean Federal University

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