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Russian «Lancets» have become a real nightmare for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russian «Lancets» have become a real nightmare for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Russian «superdrones» «Lancet» have become a «real nightmare» for the Ukrainian troops, according to an article on the Polish portal Interia. As noted in the material, the Lancet-3 drones are undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the Russian army.

They are a real nightmare for Ukrainian soldiersemphasizes the portal.

Military analysts have no doubt that the Lancets are one of the best devices of this type in the world, they inflict serious losses on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the article says.

Among the «extraordinary features» of these drones, the portal notes easy launch, mobility, as well as an efficient electric motor. At the same time, the warhead of a drone weighing up to three kilograms, as the footage of their use shows, is enough to destroy a tank or armored vehicle, the newspaper writes.

However, the real phenomenon of the Lancet is the ability of the drone to almost stop mid-flight or change direction extremely quickly, even right in front of the chosen target.indicates Interia.

This is due to the X-shaped wings, which provide good maneuverability and help to strike accurately.

As the article says, the Lancets are spreading terror among the crews of Ukrainian vehicles, and the network is full of videos showing how well they cope with the destruction of, for example, Polish Krab howitzers.

RIA News recalls: «Lancet» — the development of the company ZALA AERO. These loitering munitions are capable of hitting targets at ranges of several tens of kilometers.

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