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Russians believe that an income of about 205,000 rubles is necessary to be happy

Russians believe that an income of about 205,000 rubles is necessary to be happy

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Avito Jobs surveyed over 7,000 working Russians to find out how much money they need to be happy. According to the survey results, on average, Russians would like to earn 205,791 rubles per month. In the conditions of labor shortage, employers are increasingly indicating high salary offers in their vacancies. For example, for the first half of 2024, average salary offers close to the designated dream income were noted among truck drivers (189,831 rubles per month), brokers (174,438 rubles per month) and other specialists.

13% of respondents noted that a monthly income in the range of 100,000 to 120,000 rubles would be enough to be happy — this option is more common among people over 65 (16%). An income in the range of 80,000–100,000 rubles would be enough for 12% of Russians (of which 22% are respondents over 65 and 14% are respondents aged 55–64), and the same number of respondents would be enough to earn from 120,000 to 150,000 rubles per month. 9% of respondents noted that they need more than 500,000 rubles per month to be happy, this answer option was most often chosen by respondents in the younger age groups of 18–24 (12%) and 25–34 (11%). 4% of respondents answered that happiness for them does not depend on the size of their income. This was said more often by respondents aged 18-24 (6%) and 65+ (7%).

On average, specialists in the IT and telecom, fitness and beauty salons, law, construction and real estate, and online trading sectors have the highest income expectations. Thus, IT specialists answered that an average of 245,955 rubles per month would be enough for them to be happy. Professionals in the fitness and beauty salon industries indicated that they need an average income of 242,547 rubles per month to be prosperous. Legal professionals would need to earn 230,617 rubles per month to be happy. In the construction sector, the dream income is equal to a monthly sum of 229,715 rubles, in online trading — 228,986 rubles.

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In addition to money, Russians also identified the most important areas of their lives that significantly affect their sense of happiness. In first place among respondents’ answers are family and close relationships (60%), in second place is health (54%), third place is shared between comfortable living conditions (24%), travel and new experiences (24%), as well as security and stability (24%). Every fifth respondent (20%) also values ​​love and romantic relationships, 17% of Russians are happy with their hobbies and interests, 14% with their pets, and 12% value work and professional self-realization.

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