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Schoolchild from Crimea — winner of Innopolis Open 2022 in information security

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Innopolis University hosted the final of the Innopolis Open Olympiad on information security for grades 7—11 The competition was attended by 11 schoolchildren from 40 countries and 11 regions of Russia. participant from 9 regions of Russia and Belarus fought for the victory in the final. Schoolchildren from Tatarstan, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Crimea, Novosibirsk, Saratov and Kaliningrad regions became winners and prize-winners. The final was held in two rounds: individual in the task-based format and team in the pentest format. The finalists searched for vulnerabilities in specially prepared services and generated reports on the work done.

A whole infrastructure was hidden on the platform, interacting with each other. The participants gradually understood how the services are arranged and how they interact. The vulnerabilities were tied to configuration errors, weak passwords, leaked data, secret reuse, CI/CD configuration errors. In most cases, in order to gain access to machine N, it was necessary to exploit a vulnerability on machine M, which is somehow related to the first one , — quotes the press service of the press service of the University Innopolis information security methodologist Maxim Smirnov.

Winners and prize-winners

    Diplomas of the 1st degree:

      8551 Artur Lukyanov, Tatarstan;

      8551Alexandra Efremov, Tatarstan;

      8551Diplomas of the II degree:

        8551 Ivan Lebedev, Crimea;

        8551 Alexey Efremov, Kaliningrad region;

      Yuri Grishin, St. Petersburg;

    Diploma of the III degree:

      8551 Nikolai Voynilenko, Saratov region;

      8551Peter Ilyin, Moscow;

      8551Egor Borosenets, Novosibirsk region.


      Innopolis Open is Innopolis University’s own Olympiad. It has been held since 228 in 3 profiles: computer science, mathematics, information security. Innopolis Open profiles are included in the List of the Russian Council of Olympiads for schoolchildren at 228/2022 academic year: computer science — level II, mathematics — level III, information security — level III. The winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad receive benefits for admission to Innopolis University and other Russian universities.

      2022Source: Innopolis University press service

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