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Schoolchildren of Sevastopol participate in the II Congress of the “First Movement”

Schoolchildren of Sevastopol participate in the II Congress of the “First Movement”

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the exhibition-forum “Russia” at VDNKh in the lecture hall of the “Knowledge” society on January 30, the grand opening of the congress of the “First Movement” took place. Sevastopol is represented at the congress by movement activists, accompanied by their parents. In total, the delegation consists of nine people. A special program has been prepared for parents. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova delivered a welcoming speech to the participants of the congress.

We need even more of us — and it is very important that each of you is the person who will reach the heart of his friend, win him and involve him in the movement. And this is your most important purpose — you must do it. 2.5 million people were able to participate in the communications organized by the First Movement. I am very pleased that quite recently, under the leadership of our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, here at the exhibition “Russia”, the Year of the Family was launched — and at the origins of this start was the “First Movement” in the person of the “Relative — Loved Ones” community, which is also growing . Already 200 thousand Russian families have joined this movement — and it is very important for us that you take this to the regions, to the place where you live, to the municipalities. Because family is the main value not only of our country, but also of our movement. I wish you success and find friends and like-minded people here. We count on you very much — we are the first with you, and we must always be on the move— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the minister.

As part of the congress, a meeting of the Federal Council of Firsts will take place. Sevastopol is represented in it by Valeria Kovalovskaya, chairman of the primary branch of the “First Movement” in gymnasium No. 24.

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Participants of the Federal Council of Firsts met today with the First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Russia Sergei Kiriyenko.

Vladimir Putin said that such a large all-Russian children’s organization as the First Movement cannot be created by adults for children; it will not work. We can only do it together. Moreover, everything that is done in the “Movement of the First” is done according to your ideas and suggestions, and our task is to help so that your dreams and ideas come truenotes Sergei Kiriyenko.

Chairman of the Council of the regional branch of the “First Movement” of Sevastopol Anna Molchanova shared that participation in the congress is a valuable experience for the children and a huge opportunity for their further growth.

Representing Sevastopol at the congress is honorable and valuable both for the delegates and for the guys who will be holding events in the region at this time. The work of the movement never stops, because there is a demand from children and youth for development, education and gaining new, unique experiences. The II Congress of the “First Movement” is an opportunity for activists to get acquainted with children, just like them, from other cities and regions of our country, to find out what events are taking place in other primary branches. For parents, this is, of course, the parent community of the movement, which we are actively developing. It is important that children and parents went to the convention together, which is especially valuable in the Year of the Familysays Anna Molchanova.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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