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September 13 is Kupriyanov's day. Crane party and spreading cranberries!

September 13 is Kupriyanov's day. Crane party and spreading cranberries!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The main event is September 13 — cranes gather for warmer climes. Our ancestors believed that today these birds gather for a “crane meeting”, where they decide which way to fly from their native places. They also choose the leader of the bird flock — the crane with the strongest wings, strong beak, and long legs.

And on September 13, spreading cranberries are collected! This berry was very popular in Rus’. But since it grows in swamps, collecting cranberries was considered a dangerous undertaking: there was a high risk of ending up in a quagmire, getting lost in the forest, or even worse — being caught by wild animals, a goblin or a kikimore. Therefore, on the eve of this day, knowledgeable people prepared various amulets for those who were going to the forest. Of course, popular rumor prescribed that on this day one should refrain from going to the swamp altogether, but those who were impatient tried in every possible way to protect themselves!

On September 13, the church honors the memory of Saint Cuprian of Carthage. He lived in the 3rd century and was known as the Bishop of Carthage. He was a skilled theologian, and devoted most of his writings to the issues of apostasy and the reasons that cause it. In addition, it is Kupriyan who is considered the creator of the canonical doctrine of the unity of the church. It is noteworthy that Kupriyan was born and raised in a pagan environment and in his young years did not even think about devoting himself to God. On the contrary, at that time he had nothing to do with the church — he worked as a lawyer. However, at some point, Kupriyan realized his destiny, came to faith and after some time became a bishop. During the persecution of Christians, Kupriyan did not renounce his faith, for which he was executed. It is Kupriyan who is considered the first African martyr bishop.

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Signs of the day:

  • If snow falls on this day, it will not last long.
  • Flocks of swans fly overhead — signifying snowfall.
  • Cranes fly low — to a warm and mild winter. If they fly high, the winter will be harsh and frosty.
  • The cranes scream — it means rain.
  • You cannot collect rowan on this day so as not to disturb the birds.
  • If someone in the swamp heard a strange sound, this means that the kikimora is counting the bones of those who perished in the swamp this year. Sometimes these drowned people moan protractedly.
  • Anyone born on this day will not be in any danger in the swamp. Such a person grows up to be extremely restrained and patient.
  • Collecting unripe cranberries is to please evil spirits.
  • If a young girl went to pick cranberries before this day, she could become infertile forever. If a single guy does this, he may lose his mind.
  • The waxing Moon means a good cranberry harvest.
  • If on this day you sew cranberries into a small blue bag and carry it with you everywhere, you will have good luck.
Name days are celebrated today by: Alexander, Vladimir, Gennady, Dmitry, John, Mikhail, Miron.

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