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September 14 is the day of Simeon Stovpnik. The time of weddings and Indian summer begins

September 14 is the day of Simeon Stovpnik. The time of weddings and Indian summer begins

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People said that on September 14, Indian summer begins — warm, soft and sunny days. “Indian” summer was also called because from that moment on, the time began for traditional women’s (woman’s) work: flax threshing, weaving, working with yarn. The season of youth get-togethers has begun. It happened like this: the girls got together in one hut, took homework with them, spun, sewed and whiled away the time in cheerful and intimate conversations. Sometimes guys came to the girls and entertained them in every possible way. Many met their fate at such gatherings.

And on this day, the time for weddings began, which ended on November 28.

It was also rumored that on September 14, sparrows are almost invisible on the streets, since the devil himself gathers them together to decide how many birds to keep and how many to release.

Also on this day the “candle wedding” was celebrated. In all houses the old fire was extinguished and a new one was lit, which in many areas was maintained throughout the year. The time for evening work by candlelight began (before that, all summer the fire burned only in the lamps that were in every house).

The Church today honors the memory of Semyon Stovpnik, who is also known as Archimandrite of Antioch. Semyon himself came to faith at a conscious age. He was born in the 4th century, and his parents were very poor. By chance, Semyon ended up in a temple, where he heard the service and believed in God. After this, Semyon began to pray and asked the Lord to show him how to live. So, he decided to become a monk, left his father’s house and first settled in a nearby monastery, and then retired into the desert. There Semyon laid the foundation for a new form of asceticism — stovpnicia. So, he built a high pillar and settled on it, thereby depriving himself of the opportunity to rest. Day and night, Semyon stood on the pillar and prayed to God. Strict abstinence in food was also added. At the same time, according to legend, Semyon Stovpnik lived to be 100 years old and died during prayer.

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Signs of the day:

  • Dry and warm weather means late winter.
  • Sunny day — the whole autumn will be sunny.
  • The starlings did not fly south — due to the long autumn.
  • Dirt on the roads means rainy autumn.
  • Spruce branches bent low — foreseeable frost.
  • The geese have not flown south — winter will be early.
  • A lot of cobwebs — for a warm autumn.
  • The wind blows — for rainy autumn.
  • Starting a hunt on this day means big catches all year round.
  • Sit on a horse on September 14 — it will be calm and obedient all year.
  • Sowing winter crops on this day is a sin.
  • If the day turns out to be warm, you can start the housewarming party. Life in your new home will be happy. But on the eve of this event, a cat or rooster should be left in the new house — for good luck.
  • If you take a smoldering firebrand from the oven and fumigate the field with it, like a censer, the next year will be fruitful.
  • Flies bite painfully — bad weather.

Name days are celebrated today by: Marfa, Natalya, Tatyana.

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