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September 15th is the day of Mammoth Sheepdog, the day of Fedot and Rufin

September 15th is the day of Mammoth Sheepdog, the day of Fedot and Rufin

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The main prohibition of today: you cannot drive out cattle in the morning, otherwise you can invite trouble. Mammoth himself was previously considered the patron saint of sheep and goats in Rus’. In general, people considered September 15 an unlucky day.

The Church honors the memory of the martyr Mamant, his parents Rufina and Theodotus. During the persecution and persecution of supporters of the Christian faith, they were imprisoned, where both died. Before her death, Rufina gave birth to a child, whom she entrusted to God. Little Mamant was taken in by a rich widow named Amiya, who also buried his parents. Amiya did everything to raise Mamant as a Christian and gave him a good education. The young man could boast of a talent for eloquence, and therefore decided to become a preacher. Mamantu managed to convert many people to the faith. However, when the ruler Democritus found out what Mamant was doing, he reported this to the emperor Aurelian, who arrested the preacher and began to persuade him to accept paganism. Persuasion did not work, and therefore Mamant was subjected to a lot of torture. Ultimately, they decided to drown Mamant in the sea, but God saved the martyr, and he was carried by the waves to a high mountain in the desert, located not far from Caesarea. There Mamant founded a church and spent his life in prayer.

Signs of the day:

  • A lot of dew in calm weather means a warm and clear autumn.
  • Low clouds mean bad weather.
  • The first snow fell on this day — it will melt quickly.
  • Turning cattle out into the street means, unfortunately, damage to the animals.
  • If you hang your own worn shoes in the barn, then no one will jinx the cattle.
  • If on September 15 you properly pray to Saint Mamontius for your cattle, then their death can be avoided. It was also believed that this would provide the animals with the necessary fertility.
  • You cannot start new things on this day — they will inevitably fail.
  • You should also not go to the market — theft is possible. Large purchases will not bring the desired joy. However, so are the small ones.
  • Wearing bright clothes means the evil eye.
  • If you fumigate a house with incense today, it will protect it from the machinations of evil spirits.
  • Anyone born on this day will be extremely happy in adulthood.
  • Those who practice spells and witchcraft should know that this day is ideal for practicing family magic.
Name days are celebrated today by: Pavel, Ksenia, Seraphima, Efim, Vasily, German, Anatoly, Peter, Victor, Nikolai.

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