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September 2 — Samoylin Day. Work and work again

September 2 — Samoylin Day. Work and work again

CrimeaPRESS reports:

September 2 was dedicated to labor and care among the people. Basically, they worked in the gardens, picking beets. And this work was very difficult. True, only girls were puzzled by it. The same, in order to alleviate their lot, consoled themselves with the fact that such work gives health and strength. The more fervently you bow to the earth, the sooner she will like you, the more beautiful the body will be, the more blush will be the face, life will become free, and the table will be plentiful. In the old days, beets were considered one of the staple foods. Many delicious and healthy dishes were prepared from it: borscht, cabbage soup, beetroot, botvinya (okroshka with beet greens). The root crop was baked in the oven, used as fillings for pies, and curative decoctions and infusions were cooked from it, the power of which is known to this day.

The Church now honors the memory of the prophet Samuel (“heard by God”). According to legend, Samuel was born at a time when people worshiped idols. The task of Samuel was to guide the people to the right path. It was quite difficult to do this, because at that time the high priest Elijah was in power, and the moral decay of the people in Israel reached its climax. Very soon, the Philistine tribes attacked the Israelites, who captured the most famous shrine — the Ark of the New Testament. But Samuel immediately called his fellow tribesmen to repentance, found words to inspire them to fight for their freedom. It is believed that it was after this that the revival of the people began. This was largely facilitated by the so-called «prophetic doubts» of Samuel, which made it possible to awaken patriotism in people. Very soon Samuel became the supreme judge and ruled very wisely. However, when he got old, people were afraid that after the death of Samuel anarchy would begin again. That is why they turned to Samuel with a request to appoint a ruler who would become his successor. Samuel prayed to God, and he ordered to do as people ask, but warned that this would lead to misfortune. Then Samuel appointed Saul as his successor, secretly anointing David as king.

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Notes of the day:

  • High clouds — to clear weather. Low clouds — to bad weather.
  • The mountain ash was born well — there will be a lot of oats.
  • If you think of something on this day, plan for the future — everything will definitely come true!
  • Everything you do with a good heart and a good mood will definitely benefit.
  • Whoever you meet on this day will do harm later. The exceptions are dating young girls with single guys.
  • Comb in the morning with a wooden comb — for money.
  • The one who was born on this day will be beautiful and loving.
  • Cranes fly high — autumn will be warm.

Name days are celebrated today: Ivan, Maxim, Vladimir, Fedor, Nikolai, Samuil, Alexander, Lev, Stepan, Timofey.

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