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September 5 — Luppa-Cowberry Day. Gathering berries…

September 5 — Luppa-Cowberry Day. Gathering berries…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The main occupation on September 5 was picking cranberries and lingonberries. They also harvested berries for future use: dried, soaked, made jam. And people versed in folk medicine, village healers and healers collected on this day the roots and leaves of lingonberries. To this day, these parts of the plant are known as an anti-inflammatory, astringent and disinfectant.

Flax was also harvested, saying that it blooms for 2 weeks, sings for another 4 weeks, and on the seventh week it is already quite suitable for harvesting. Linen was usually laid out on the ground and left for a while so that all the moisture came out of it, it became smooth and soft.

The Church today celebrates the memory of the martyr Lupp. And although only the most zealous Christians today know his name and life, hundreds of years ago he was a highly revered saint. According to apocryphal literature, he served Dmitry of Thessalonica himself and inherited his ring. After the death of his master, he went around towns and villages, healed people, preached the word of God, and died as a martyr at the hands of the persecutors of the faith.

The holy martyr Lupp was popularly represented as a strong red-haired peasant who on that day wandered the earth and clapped the peasants on the back. And the first (Lupene) frosts did not take place without his participation.

Notes of the day:

  • Thunder rumbled — autumn will be warm, and winter, on the contrary, will be harsh.
  • It freezes in the morning — real winter will come soon.
  • No frosts — by a warm September.
  • The leaves fall «face» to the ground — to a warm and mild winter. «Face» to the sky — to the cold winter.
  • Cranes fly high to the south — by early winter.
  • Flocks of cranes fly low above the ground — by late and warm winter.
  • Cranes do not scream in flight and fly quickly — to bad weather.
  • Cowberries are ripe — it is necessary to harvest oats in the field.
  • If on this day in the forest you meet an unfamiliar old man who has lost his basket, do not talk to him. It is quite possible that it is the goblin himself who preys on unlucky travelers in this way.
  • To see soap on this day in a dream — to lose your job.
  • If you dreamed of mustard — expect bad news.
  • If a woman dreamed of her husband, this is a matter of worries and troubles.
  • To find money in a dream — to poverty.
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Name days are celebrated today: Fedor, Pavel, Ivan, Nikolai.

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