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September 9 is the day of memory of Anfisa and Pimen. Rowan trees?

September 9 is the day of memory of Anfisa and Pimen. Rowan trees?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

September 9 is Rowan Day. In ancient times in Rus’ this tree was treated with special attention, associating many legends, stories, beliefs and customs with it. For example, it was believed that if you drink the juice of fresh rowan fruits every day in the fall, then in winter all diseases will be avoided. And if the newlyweds feast on the berries of this tree before, during, and a few days after the wedding, they will give birth to happy and healthy children.

Worth knowing: infusions, teas and decoctions from rowan fruits have excellent antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Fresh berries perfectly strengthen the immune system.

And in Rus’ it was strictly forbidden to chop and break rowan trees — it was believed that such carelessness would bring misfortune.

Signs of the day:

  • Thunder thundered — winter will not come soon.
  • A lot of rowan — for frost and rainy autumn.
  • If on the wedding day the groom puts a few rowan berries in his shoes, no one will spoil him.
  • After the funeral, rowan branches must be hung over the threshold so that the deceased does not appear.
  • Picking up something at a crossroads on this day means damage.
  • If you borrow money, it won’t be returned soon.
  • Standing on the threshold for a long time is unlucky.
  • You cannot woo the bride on this day — to an unsuccessful outcome.
  • Large purchases made on September 9 will not bring the desired joy.
  • It is useful to sweep the floors in the house today — all negative energy will go away along with the garbage. After this, you should sprinkle the corners with holy water.
  • Anyone born on this day will be kind and strong.
  • The talisman of the day is onyx.
  • If a sick person climbs over a forked rowan tree on this day, the branches of which are tied at the edges, then he will soon recover.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Stepan, Anfisa, Vladimir, Dmitry, Mikhail, Alexander, Ivan.

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