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Sergey Kryga: “All vaccines available in the healthcare system of Sevastopol have been tested”

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Medicines produced in the Russian Federation are not inferior in quality to imported medicines. They meet all requirements, experts say.

All medicines that enter our pharmacy network are subject to strict control. Starting with logistics, storage conditions during transportation, ending with receipt at the pharmacy warehouse of the city of Sevastopol and transfer to all our preferential pharmacy chains , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the head of the pharmacy network of the Sevastopol City Oncological Dispensary named after A.A. Zadorozhny Tatyana Romanova.

The head of the pharmacy network of the oncology dispensary added that the correct storage of medicines directly depends on the patients themselves. For example, those who receive insulin therapy should always keep the drug in the refrigerator — even at the time of receiving it in a pharmacy.

We have a special region, high temperatures. Be sure to have a thermal container with ice packs. All this ensures the safety and effectiveness of medicines , says Tatyana Romanova.

Any resident of Sevastopol can check the quality of medicines. It is enough to scan the code on the package using the «Honest Sign» application and study the detailed information about the manufacturer, expiration date, route from the factory to the pharmacy. This service is also used in all medical organizations of the city, including for testing vaccines.

All vaccines available in the healthcare system are safe and tested. We do not have a single vaccine that could cause serious pathological abnormalities. Our experts monitor all stages , — said the chief freelance epidemiologist Sergei Gryga.

At the same time, if earlier drugs were delivered to a warehouse in Simferopol, now vaccines are stored in a special medical warehouse located in Sevastopol.

The vaccine immediately arrives in our city, which allows us to deliver it as quickly as possible to the medical institutions of the city, vaccination points. Thus, the risks of violation of the conditions of transportation and storage are reduced to zero , emphasizes Sergey Gryga.

The experts also noted that it is no less important for the safety of patients to study the instructions for medicines — information on shelf life, contraindications and compatibility with other drugs. Over time, the effectiveness of medicines decreases, moreover, they can cause quite serious harm.

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In addition, before using drugs, you should consult with your doctor about the presence of contraindications to their use.

Recall that the “Honest Sign” is a national system where a special digital code guarantees the authenticity of the goods. The main objective of the system is to improve the quality of safe medicines and combat counterfeit products.

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