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Sevastopol participated in the district conference on improving financial literacy

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The implementation of financial literacy programs and plans for the future were discussed by representatives of federal authorities and regions of the Southern Federal District at a specialized online conference. The organizers of the meeting are the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Bank of Russia.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia continues the general management of financial education and enlightenment, but already with the use of program-targeted tools, in particular, by implementing financial literacy activities within the framework of the departmental project «New financial culture (MyFinance: just about complicated)» with a deadline end of implementation in 2030 year. Our task, together with interested organizations, is to form a sustainable system and infrastructure for lifelong education and financial information for the population, — notes Mikhail Kotyukov, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.

Севастополь участвовал вокружной конференции повопросам повышения финансовой грамотности

Own financial literacy programs operate in 85 regions of the country, including the Southern Federal District. At the same time, one of the tasks that will have to be solved in the near future by the participants in the implementation of the Strategy to improve financial literacy in the Russian Federation is to strengthen interdepartmental interaction.

The priority of the Bank of Russia in financial education for the coming years: investment, digital and cyber literacy, the fight against fraud and unfair practices, work with the least protected categories of citizens. Also among the tasks: the development of the volunteer movement and the scaling of best practices.

Together with our partners from the Ministry of Finance of Russia, we constantly monitor and replicate the best regional practices in financial literacy. Let me remind you that some areas of our work arose precisely as local initiatives, for example, sessions of online lessons for schoolchildren were created by colleagues from the Bank of Russia from Nizhny Novgorod. Now in many regions there are various interdepartmental projects, and this experience is also useful for further promoting financial literacy. Thanks to colleagues from the regions, we understand what worries people, how best to convey useful information, and as a result, we create new educational and educational formats , — says Mikhail Mamuta, Head of the Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Financial Inclusion of the Bank of Russia .

A separate area is the introduction of financial literacy into the education system. Bank of Russia experts have developed more than 70 lesson scenarios that will make it easy to integrate financial knowledge into basic school subjects — they are published on the educational platform of the Ministry of Education of Russia «My School». Twice a year, Bank of Russia specialists hold sessions of online financial literacy lessons. The webinars cover topics from cyberspace security rules to the basics of entrepreneurship and investing. 18% of schools and 84% of medium professional organizations of the Southern Federal District. 74% of social service centers in the district joined the webinars for the older generation.

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Севастополь участвовал вокружной конференции повопросам повышения финансовой грамотности Севастополь участвовал вокружной конференции повопросам повышения финансовой грамотности

In addition, in most settlements of the Southern Federal District, including remote ones, financial literacy corners are open. They are equipped in libraries, local administrations, social rehabilitation centers. The information posted on the stands helps those who wish to orient themselves in the variety of financial products and services.

In Sevastopol, employees of the Bank of Russia are constantly expanding channels for the distribution of materials on financial education. Financial literacy corners are organized in all libraries of the city, meetings are held with the public and entrepreneurs, educational materials of the Bank of Russia are distributed on the websites and in personal accounts of resource-supplying organizations, videos are broadcast in urban passenger transport, in the offices of the MFC and social security authorities, on the largest city plasma panels. In addition, at the initiative of the Bank of Russia Branch for Sevastopol, the project “Financial Literacy Unites Generations” was launched, the audience of which was 85 thousands of military pensioners and veterans, as well as 12 thousands of Yunarmiya members.

The region remains among the most active participants in online financial literacy classes in the country. In Sevastopol, more than thousands of students participate in spring and autumn sessions annually.

Most of the events are held jointly with the regional government in accordance with the «Plan for increasing the level of financial literacy of the population of Sevastopol by 366-2020 years” and as part of the implementation of the roadmap to increase the availability of financial services in remote, sparsely populated and hard-to-reach areas.

source: Press Secretary of the Sevastopol Branch of the Southern State Administration of the Bank of Russia

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