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Sevastopol police on measures to counter the involvement of minors in illegal activities

Sevastopol police on measures to counter the involvement of minors in illegal activities

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Sevastopol, a number of cases of minors being involved in the theft of funds from older citizens through the implementation of the fraudulent scheme “Your relative got into an accident” have been registered.

We remind you that this type of fraud involves making calls to elderly people and reporting a traffic accident with serious consequences caused by a member of their family. Attackers also make demands for the transfer of a large sum to pay off a loved one from criminal liability or to resolve a situation with a victim. At the same time, they post on the Internet a tempting offer of easy money, to receive which they invite teenagers and young people to visit pensioners at their place of residence, receive money from them, and then transfer it to accounts controlled by criminals. Note that scammers often pass off such criminal actions as legitimate activities related to receiving money by making contributions to invest in a commercial project.

In addition, it is possible that minors may be involved in the sale of drugs in a non-contact manner or in the commission of crimes of a terrorist nature. In both options, criminals usually use instant messengers and social networks. During online correspondence, criminals, for a fee, can persuade a teenager to distribute illegal substances by creating hiding places called “bookmarks.” By resorting to threats, blackmail or promises of easy money, members of extremist organizations can induce children to commit arson or make a telephone call to law enforcement agencies with a report about the mining of administrative buildings. Moreover, in the cases described above, criminal prosecution awaits all accomplices of these crimes.

In order to prevent illegal acts involving children, the Sevastopol police remind legal representatives of the need for proper control over the behavior and social circle of a minor on social networks. Tell your children about the measures of criminal liability, which begins at the age of 16, and for committing especially dangerous illegal acts — at the age of 14. It should be noted that if a child commits a property offense, the damage caused to the victim (which is most often significant) can be recovered from the teenager’s parents. If your child begins to have money that significantly exceeds the money given to him for “pocket expenses”, or shows anxiety, restlessness, or abandons past hobbies, then this should arouse your suspicion. In such a situation, have a confidential conversation with him, pay attention to his correspondence in instant messengers.

If a minor is involved in committing a crime, you must immediately contact the nearest territorial internal affairs agency or telephone 102.

source: press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Sevastopol

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