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Sevastopol police: remote scammers are operating under the guise of mobile operators and government service employees!

Sevastopol police: remote scammers are operating under the guise of mobile operators and government service employees!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Sevastopol, cases of theft of funds under the pretext of extending a mobile phone contract and protecting a bank account continue to be registered.

The fraudulent scheme is quite simple: during the day, the victim receives a call on their mobile phone, usually via a messenger. An unknown person introduces himself as a mobile operator, informs that the subscriber’s contract for using services is expiring and offers to extend it using government services. To do this, the caller asks for a password received in an SMS, allegedly to confirm the extension of the contract. Having dictated a four-digit code, the victim gives the criminals access to their personal account on the electronic portal. After this, the victim receives a call from an accomplice of the fraudsters, who introduces himself as an employee of government services and informs that the fraudsters are trying to steal money from his bank account, so it must be urgently transferred to «safe» or «reserve» accounts.— the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sevastopol noted.

It was under this scheme that a 60-year-old local pensioner lost 126 thousand rubles when she followed the instructions of the criminals.

Sevastopol police warns: if you receive calls with an offer to extend a mobile phone contract, a demand to provide codes received in an SMS, or transfer money to any accounts, these are remote scammers! The attackers use logos of government and banking institutions, have some professional terminology, and are sure to scare you with big troubles.

Do not follow any instructions you receive over the phone, and if you receive such calls, immediately end the conversation and report the attempted fraud to the police by calling 102! Dear citizens, be vigilant and prudent!

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