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Sevastopol police warns: remote scammers are hunting for your savings

KrymPRESS reports:

The police of Sevastopol notes that cases of remote fraud continue to be periodically registered in the city, in which excessive gullibility and indiscretion of citizens plays into the hands of malefactors.

Recently, a -year-old man contacted the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Leninsky District, who told law enforcement officers that he wanted to buy tickets for a session in cinema through the Internet, became a victim of a crime. Using the link sent by the scammers and mistakenly believing that he was making a payment to the cinema box office, the man transferred funds in the amount of more than five thousand rubles, but did not receive tickets to watch the movie. Currently, police officers are carrying out all the necessary verification activities aimed at identifying and searching for a criminal , the details of the next “meeting” of a citizen with a fraudster were announced in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Sevastopol.

In order to avoid such crimes , the police of Sevastopol urges citizens to carefully read the name of the recipient of funds when making Internet payments. Be aware that scammers can use the name of the site, similar to the name of well-known organizations. Before transferring money, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the business reputation of this site by first reviewing the reviews about it on the Internet.

By selling various things through Internet sites, you can also suffer from fraud. So, the police received a statement from a 19-year-old girl. The victim told the police that, wanting to remotely sell a medical device, at the request of the alleged buyer, she entered confidential details of her bank card, as a result of which the fraudsters debited her funds in the amount of more than 32 thousand rubles. The victim knew about the existence of this fraudulent scheme, however, misled by the false buyer, she became a victim of the crime. In order to avoid such cases, the police of Sevastopol asks to adhere to certain precautionary measures , be careful when communicating on Internet sites and not indicate the password and pin -bank card code, no matter what the pretext you are asked for.

Victims of crimes sometimes become elderly people who, due to their advanced age, succumb to the tricks of intruders. Recently, a 85-year-old woman, who suffered from the actions of remote scammers, turned to the internal affairs bodies. The applicant told law enforcement officers that at night an unknown person called her home phone, who introduced himself as an investigator and said that her son had been in a fatal traffic accident. To release a relative from criminal liability, the stranger demanded a large sum of money. The victim, caught off guard by his unexpected call and worried about her son, handed over to the criminal through a courier her savings in the amount of more than one hundred thousand rubles. On this fact, the police initiated a criminal case and take all necessary measures aimed at identifying and detaining the criminals.

In order not to become a victim of this type of crime, when receiving such calls, it is necessary to remain calm and reasonable, to be critical of the messages of strangers, no matter who they appear to be. In such a situation, it is recommended to immediately interrupt the conversation with the attacker and call your loved ones to make sure that everything is in order with them. If their phone is offline or unanswered, contact other family members or friends who may be near them. Never give money or other property to scammers. Remind elderly relatives and acquaintances to follow the above precautions.

If you have suffered from fraud, you must immediately contact the nearest territorial division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia or report it by phone

102 .

Source: press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Sevastopol (based on the materials of the legal adviser of the legal group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Russia in the Leninsky district of Dmitry Obelov)

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