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Sevastopol: Procedure for filing applications for victims of missile attack

Sevastopol: Procedure for filing applications for victims of missile attack

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On June 23, a state of emergency was introduced in Sevastopol by decree of the governor. This makes it possible to provide state support to the families of those killed in the terrorist attack, those injured, as well as residents of Sevastopol whose property was damaged during the missile attack.

30 million 800 thousand rubles will be allocated from the reserve fund of the Government of Sevastopol for payments to the families of the deceased and the injured – a corresponding resolution has been adopted.

Payment amounts:

· to the families of the deceased – 1 million rubles;

· serious bodily harm or moderate bodily harm – 400 thousand rubles;

· minor harm to health – 200 thousand rubles.

How to apply:

1. Through Ppublic services portal.

2. In the district offices of the Department of Labor and Social Protection:

Balaklava district – st. Uritsky, 2;

Gagarinsky district — October Revolution Ave., 8;

Leninsky district — st. Pushkina, 2;

Nakhimovsky district – Brestskaya st., 18b, Northern side – Levanevsky st., 24.

3. In MFC branches in Sevastopol – regardless of the place of permanent registration.

4. In local administrations of municipal districts.

5. By post.

Application deadline: within 12 calendar months.

Required documents:

· passport;

· a document confirming the authority of the applicant’s representative (power of attorney, document on guardianship);

· birth certificate;

· account details;

· a decision by an investigator (inquiry officer, judge) or a court ruling recognizing citizens as victims and those who have suffered harm to health as a result of an emergency situation — this can be obtained from the district department of the Investigative Committee;

· a forensic medical examination report on the severity of the harm to health sustained by the citizen.

More than half of the victims who are in hospital and were able to work with investigators due to their health conditions have already been interviewed, have received decisions recognizing them as victims, and have been assigned a forensic medical examination.

Victims who received assistance on the spot can contact the territorial divisions of the Investigative Committee to obtain a decision recognizing them as having suffered harm to their health:

· in Balaklava district: st. Kalicha, 31;

· in Nakhimovsky district: Lastovaya square, 3;

· in Gagarinsky district: Geroev Stalingrada Ave., 64 (4th floor);

· in the Leninsky district: General Ostryakov Ave., 225.

Important! Pre-registration is required:

+7 (8692) 53-13-27 – in Leninsky and Gagarinsky districts;

+7 (8692) 53-13-08 – for Balaklava and Nakhimovsky districts;

+7 (8692) 53-13-03, 53-13-00 – reserve telephone numbers.

Victims who do not live in Sevastopol, who are still in the city, can contact any department of the Investigative Committee convenient for them, also by appointment.

Victims who do not live in Sevastopol and have already left the city can also call the numbers listed, and then contact the territorial division of the Investigative Committee at their place of residence in their region.

Consultation on issues of obtaining a forensic medical examination report on the severity of harm to health:

· Department of Health, +7 (978) 700-39-28.

Consultation on the assignment of payments:

· Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, +7 (8692) 54-12-98.

In addition to payments from the reserve fund of the Government of Sevastopol, financial support to the families of affected children is provided by the Social Fund of Russia.

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Who is eligible for the payment:

· affected children under the age of 18 – citizens of the Russian Federation permanently residing in Russia.

Payment amount: 100 thousand rubles.

Who can apply:

· one of the parents or legal representative of the child;

· the child himself, who has reached the age of 18, if he was under 18 at the time of injury or injury.

Where to apply:

· to any branch of the Social Fund throughout Russia.

Application deadlines: unlimited.

What documents are needed:

· documents proving the identity of the injured child, citizenship of the Russian Federation and the fact of permanent residence in Russia;

· child’s birth certificate;

· documents certifying the identity and authority of the legal representative of the injured child;

· information on the establishment of guardianship or trusteeship over a child;

· a medical report indicating the place, time and cause of injury (wound, trauma, contusion) — this can be obtained from a medical organization at the place where the injury was received;

· bank account details of the recipient of the payment.

Details about the payment can be found:

· on the website of the Social Fund;

· on the page of the SFR branch in Sevastopol on the social network “VKontakte”;

· by phone 8 (800) 100-00-01 (free call).

Applications for damaged property are accepted by municipal commissions:

· Andreevsky municipal district: +7 (978) 520-21-48;

· Balaklava municipal district: +7 (978) 812-06-25;

· Verkhnesadovsky municipal district: +7 (978) 120-97-05;

· Gagarin Municipal District: +7 (978) 300-09-42;

· Inkerman: +7 (978) 691-60-21;

· Kachin municipal district: +7 (978) 054-52-90;

· Leninsky Municipal District: +7 (978) 045-91-16;

· Nakhimovsky municipal district: +7 (978) 843-45-49;

· Orlinovsky municipal district: +7 (978) 819-00-47;

· Ternovsky Municipal District: +7 (978) 813-41-40;

· Department of Internal Policy: +7 (978) 574-29-29.

Victims can also receive additional support from institutions subordinate to the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population:

1. Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children – psychological assistance to children and their legal representatives, including anonymously. Psychological assistance can also be obtained by calling the Children’s Helpline: 8 (800) 2000-122.

Address: Pushkin st., 18, phone: +7 (8692) 48-09-10, website.

2. Rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities — social and psychological assistance, adaptive physical education, social adaptation, including at home, social support for affected children after treatment.

Address: Nikolay Muzyki st., 20, phone: +7 (8692) 44-94-36, 44-94-67, website.

3. The city comprehensive social service center is ready to provide clothing and shoes, conduct an examination of the living conditions of the victims and draw up reports indicating the types of assistance needed.

Address: Khrustaleva st., 27, phone: +7 (8692) 55-58-24, 55-09-04, website.

In addition, the psychological support service of Sevastopol State University is ready to provide psychological assistance.

P Free help points are open from 10:00 to 16:00 at the following addresses:

· st. Kornilova, 1;

· st. Kurchatova, 7.

You must have your passport with you.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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