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Sevastopol residents are invited to join the “Great Ethnographic Dictation 2023” event

Sevastopol residents are invited to join the “Great Ethnographic Dictation 2023” event

CrimeaPRESS reports:

From November 3 to 8, the annual international educational event “Great Ethnographic Dictation” will be held, which introduces the culture of the peoples living in Russia. The organizer of the dictation is the Federal Agency for National Affairs.

The event is held on the eve of National Unity Day in online and offline formats; millions of residents of Russia and foreign countries take part in it every year. The first dictation was held in 2016, when 90 thousand Russian residents took part in it.

Dictation participants will have to answer 30 questions: 20 common to everyone and 10 unique to each subject of Russia, and for foreign sites — dedicated to places outside the country associated with the Russian Federation. The working languages ​​of the dictation are Russian, English and Spanish.

A large ethnographic international dictation will be held for the eighth time. Millions of people have already taken part in this cultural and educational event. It introduces the foundations that unite our civil society. Ethnographic dictation plays an important role in patriotic education, helping us to better understand and love our Motherland. Cultural characteristics and national heritage are an integral part of a country’s sovereignty. The more we know about our country, its culture and traditions, the deeper and stronger our connection with it— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the head of the department for work with national and religious organizations of the Department of Internal Policy of Sevastopol, Vladimir Kolesnikov.

The tasks for participants under the age of 16 consist of 20 federal questions. The maximum score for completing all tasks is 100. Completion time is 45 minutes.

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To take part in the dictation in person, everyone can visit the site at the Sevastopol City National Cultural Center at st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 38. The offline promotion will take place on November 7 from 10:00 to 18:00.

You can take part online from November 3 to 8 at the official website.

More detailed information about the International Educational Action “Big Ethnographic Dictation” can be found at website and in the official group In contact with.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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