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Sevastopol residents are so severe that they shoot down drones with «improvised means»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Tonight, on Shevkoplyas Street in Inkerman, a Sevastopol citizen himself shot down a quadrocopter using improvised means. This case was reported in his Telegram channel Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Please note that this is not a drone with explosives, but a copter with a camera. Flights of copters, as you know, are prohibited in the city. Who and why launched it — find out the operational services that are now working on the spot. I thank all residents for their vigilance. And I remind you that in case of detection of suspicious objects, or people who commit suspicious actions, write to our special chat bot @oborona92bot, information from it is promptly available to all law enforcement agencies— wrote Razvozhaev.

The governor did not specify with what kind of “improvised means” the well-aimed Sevastopol resident shot down the drone. We dare to assume that it was something heavy 🙂

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