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Sevastopol residents choose spaces for improvement

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On Friday, volunteers worked on Nakhimov Square — they helped Sevastopol residents take part in the voting on the choice of public spaces for improvement. Until 15 May, residents of the city can cast their vote for one of the 35 parks, squares and green areas on the page The territories that receive the most votes will be landscaped next year.

I signed up for the landscaping volunteers for the second time. Last year, I also responded and decided to help the residents of the city vote. Sevastopol residents are always very active, and this year, and last year, they approach the choice of spaces responsibly. I think this is because the residents of our city are very patriotic, shared volunteer Vladislav Mishchenko.

Online voting started in Sevastopol 15 April. During this time, leading spaces appeared that received the most votes.

Thus, residents of the Nakhimovsky district support the improvement of the square near school No. 41 and the green zone between houses No. 39 and 15-A on Pobedy Avenue, and in the Leninsky district they want to put in order two green zones — in the area of ​​u200bu200bhouses No. 159 and 163 on the street. Khrustalev and between house number 4 on the street. Marshal Gelovani and house number 87 on General Ostryakov Avenue. Among the leaders of the Gagarinsky district are small squares on the street. Vakulenchuk and the green area near the house number 7 on the street. Stepanyan. Residents of Balaklava support the park in Khmelnitsky and the green zone near the house number 32 on the street. Novikova.

I support this idea. A very correct decision, because who, if not the residents, should decide which area to improve, where it is better to make beautiful places. We really like this idea, and today we voted , — says Victoria, a resident of Sevastopol.

Voting continues in rural areas. In the Andreevsky district, two public spaces are in the lead — in the area of ​​st. Maiskaya in Andreevka and near the sports ground on the street. Branched in Solnechny. Residents of the Verkhnesadovsky district gave the largest number of votes for the territory in the area of ​​the church in Dalny and for the green zone in the area of ​​​​house number 2 on the street. Anniversary.

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The leading spaces in the Orlinovsky municipality are the square around the Zelenukha pond and the territory along the street. Rodnikovskaya in Pavlovka, in Ternovsky — the territory in the area of ​​u200bu200bst. Sadovaya in Ternovka and in the area of ​​u200bu200bhouse No. on the street. Yana Dunya.

In Inkerman, there are two territories to choose from — in the area of ​​u200bu200bhouse No. on the street. Tolbukhin and Veterans Square. Residents of Kacha make a choice between the park 39-anniversary of Kacha and the territory near the house No. on the street. Aviators.

So that Sevastopol residents could find out which territory is leading in their area, special leaflets were printed out — they are also distributed by volunteers in public places. Recall that you can also get acquainted with the full list of candidate places and cast your vote on the widgets of the public voting “Gosuslugi. We decide together”, on the websites of municipalities and in the branches of the MFC — volunteers will help you make a choice,” the press service of the Government of Sevastopol reported.

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