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Sevastopol students can win a million rubles in the Student Startup competition

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The acceptance of applications for participation in the competition «Student Startup» has begun. According to its results, a thousand winners will receive one million rubles each for the implementation of their innovative projects.

We see that young scientists and technology entrepreneurs are ready to occupy the niches vacated due to sanctions. When selecting winners, special attention will be paid to start-up projects in areas that are critical for the country. These are microelectronics, medicine, import substitution of technologies and our own sovereign technological systems. Absolutely all university students can participate in the competition. As a result, a thousand winners will be selected, each of whom will receive one million rubles , — quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol vice- Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The competition is held within the framework of the new federal project «Platform of University Technological Entrepreneurship». In seven areas: digital technologies, medicine and health, new materials and chemical technologies, new devices and production technologies, biotechnology, resource-saving energy and creative industries.

Applications for participation can be submitted not only by bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s students, but also by graduate students who are ready to develop a new product, product, technology or service based on scientific and technical and scientific and technological research that will have commercial potential.

Sevastopol students are already preparing to submit their ideas for the competition. So, at SevSU, a special hackathon is held to generate applications.

This is already the second wave of the competition. In the first wave, 19 applications were submitted from students of Sevastopol State University. At the moment oral presentations of applicants have begun, we wish them good luck. Those who did not have time to “apply” to the first stage or were refused, we invite you to come to the hackathon at the Boiling Point of SevGU. Only students of SevSU have such a unique opportunity to work on the application together with a large number of different kinds of experts, and “experienced” students can work on the mistakes and test their strength again , — says Ekaterina Sorokina, director of the Center for the Implementation of the Third Mission.

The University provides support at all stages of the application process: provides additional educational activities at the request of applicants, helps with the preparation of the necessary certificates and letters of support from partners.

When we heard about the possibility of participating in a student startup with funding in the amount of one million rubles, we thought that this was something inaccessible, something for the guys from Moscow State University, scary and incomprehensible, but a month later we I managed to pass the qualifying stage by applications and the chance of winning no longer looks so blurry. Now we are slowly preparing to defend the project and are already aiming for victory! During the entire time of preparing the application and now, in preparation for the defense, experts help us: they comment on our actions, see whether we understand the essence of the points correctly or not, and what should be reflected in them. They offer better options, and in general we are discussing together how to make the application winning, — says a second-year student of the Institute of Information Technologies and Management in Technical Systems Daria Nekhoda.

You can register to participate in the competition until June on the official website

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