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Simferopol celebrates the 85th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Vysotsky

CrimeaPRESS reports:

25 of January in Russia and far beyond its borders, the 85 anniversary of the birth of the famous poet, bard, film actor V. FROM. Vysotsky. Festive events are also held in Simferopol as part of the IX All-Crimean Festival «In Memory of Vladimir Vysotsky». Events are held by the Crimean cultural society «Tavrika», the Central City Library named after. A.S. Pushkin of Simferopol, the Russian Community of Crimea with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea and the Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage of the Administration of Simferopol:

  • In the microdistrict GRES, on the street. Vysotsky, 2, the traditional laying of flowers at the memorial plaque to V.S. Vysotsky. Also, in the museum corner named after V.S. Vysotsky, the People’s Museum Installation of the work of the outstanding bard was opened.
  • B 14-00 in the Central City Library. A.S. Pushkin, Simferopol, a literary and musical drawing room “Touch the great words” was opened, the meeting of which is dedicated to the 85 anniversary of the birth of V.S. Vysotsky. In 18- in the Simferopol city square named after. V.S. Vysotsky, flowers will be laid at the monument-bust to the poet and the bard. in Simferopol House of Officers starts the concert program «Vysotsky — 85! NWO. Russia”, during which Crimean singers, bards, poets, representatives of the creative intelligentsia will perform songs and poems of military-patriotic content from the repertoire of Vladimir Vysotsky.

source: press service of the Crimean Cultural Society «Tavrika»18

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