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Simferopol resident Vladislav Krushelnitsky is the winner of the three-point shooting competition within the framework of the ASB All-Star Game

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Симферополец Владислав Крушельницкий - победитель конкурса трехочковых бросков в рамках "Матча звезд АСБ"

Last Sunday, January, Perm hosted the traditional «Star Match» of the Russian Student Basketball Association.

The best players of the East and West have revealed the strongest in the exhibition confrontation. East this time turned out to be stronger — 100: 149 — and now leads in the series — 8:5 Note that the actions of the West were led by the head coach of the Simferopol «KFU-Gryphons» Valery Khodorchenko, and for the second year in a row another «Gryphonian» played for the national team — forward Vladislav Krushelnitsky (scored 20 points). In addition, Krushelnitsky confirmed the title of the strongest in the competition of three-point shots , — reports «Crimean Sport» .32415

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