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Since the beginning of the year, 117 counterfeit banknotes have been identified in Crimea

Since the beginning of the year, 117 counterfeit banknotes have been identified in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the banking system of the Republic of Crimea for 9 months of 2023, 117 banknotes with signs of counterfeit were identified, which is 203 banknotes less than in the same period last year. From January to September of this year, 86 counterfeit banknotes of 5,000 rubles were discovered — almost 3 times less than in the three quarters of 2022 (253 banknotes). 13 counterfeit banknotes of two thousand, 17 counterfeit banknotes of one thousand and one counterfeit banknote of 500 rubles were also seized from circulation.

Although we are seeing a decline in the number of counterfeit banknotes in the region, you should be careful when paying in cash and receiving change, – the press service of the head of the Bank of Russia Branch for the Republic of Crimea quotes Igor Tsvetkov. – If you have doubts about the authenticity of a banknote, you should take it to a commercial bank for a free examination.

You can check the signs of authenticity yourself. A special one will help with this chapter on the mega-regulator’s website, as well as the free mobile application “Banknotes of the Bank of Russia”. It contains information about all banknotes in circulation and their security features.

source: Branch for the Republic of Crimea of ​​the Southern Main Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

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