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Since the beginning of the year, 36 “couriers” of online fraudsters have been detained in Crimea

Since the beginning of the year, 36 “couriers” of online fraudsters have been detained in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Since the beginning of the year, 36 “couriers” have been detained in Crimea, working for curators under the “Your relative has an accident” scheme, of which eight citizens (two of them minors) were detained precisely on a tip from the online scammers themselves.

The victims of the attackers were 12 elderly citizens aged from 61 to 95 years, as well as an 11-year-old Crimean. The damage caused to the victims amounted to more than 3 million 289 thousand rubles.

Here are some typical true stories:

A minor boy received a call from an unknown person who said that his mother had allegedly been in an accident and needed money for treatment. The frightened child collected all his parents’ savings — 152 thousand rubles — and handed them over to two teenage couriers who came to his home. The boy later told his neighbor about the incident, who informed the police.

The victim of scammers operating according to this scheme was a 95-year-old resident of the Nizhnegorsky district. The pensioner handed over 70 thousand rubles to the attacker, who introduced herself as a law enforcement officer.

While fulfilling the order, the couriers could not help but understand that they were participating in an illegal scheme; they saw how worried and worried the victims were as they gave their savings to the criminals. The age of the victims did not bother them either.noted the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Crimea.

“Quick money” for all lovers of “easy money” will result in criminal liability. The investigative units of the internal affairs bodies have opened criminal cases on all facts of fraud.

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