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Six projects were reviewed at a meeting of the Sevastopol Architectural and Art Council

Six projects were reviewed at a meeting of the Sevastopol Architectural and Art Council

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A meeting of the architectural and artistic council took place in Sevastopol. Six projects were reviewed, four of them were supported by council members, and two were sent for revision.

One of the approved projects is standard architectural solutions for the appearance of non-stationary retail facilities allowed for placement on the territory of Sevastopol. The solutions were prepared by the Geoplan design institute as part of the state program.

A modular system for the design of a non-stationary retail facility is proposed, as well as a set of hanging elements that will be used in the external appearance depending on the location of these objects. Thus, in the central part of the city, a historical type of NTO is expected — in light colors and with columns, in Balaklava — in white and beige colors, also in a classical style; in the rest of the city, objects should be in the style of “structural expressionism”, or “high-tech” «

This is the second time the project has been submitted for discussion to the Arch Council. The developers took into account all the comments — they concerned the placement of air conditioners, colors, and building materials. The main goal of the project is to create a unified style of non-stationary retail objects so that they can be assembled as a construction set, as well as combined into galleries. Exceptions may include NTOs that can be placed on the territory of a yacht marina.

The project approved by the Architectural Council will form the basis of the Government resolution. At the same time, for business representatives the transition to the new rules for the design of retail outlets will be smooth.

There will definitely be a transition period, taking into account the wishes of entrepreneurs. And taking into account the proposals that were made, we will consider options related to a non-rigid limitation of the typology of NTO across the city’s territories,” explained I. O. Deputy Governor of Sevastopol Maxim Zhukalov.

Members of the Architectural Council also approved a project for the construction of buildings in which activities for processing products from recycled materials will be carried out, at the address Kamyshovoye Shosse, 1A. The buildings will be designed in blue and white colors, with parking for 20 spaces located between them.

The developer is the limited liability company «Stroy Crimea Development».

The experts did not accept the project of another industrial facility — this is a car repair and maintenance workshop in the Laboratory Highway area. The developers proposed gray corrugated sheeting for the building’s cladding — members of the Architectural Council did not like this. When finalizing the project, it is necessary to develop a different stylistic solution for the facades — taking into account the design code of the city, change the materials — eliminate the use of profiled sheets, add volumetric elements, provide places for information structures.

I would like you to apply other design solutions, because right now it’s really a gray building, absolutely expressionless. Plus, usually in such car service places there is a waiting area where you can order coffee, some drinks, or food. Unfortunately, this is not provided here — emphasizes Maxim Zhukalov.

In addition, developers need to agree with the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure on the proposed location of entrances to the building.

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The meeting also considered options for a bronze sculpture dedicated to the Balaklava artist and teacher Anatoly Terentyev. They plan to install it, on the initiative of the residents of Balaklava, in the park on Novikova Street, which bears his name. Members of the Architectural Council were presented with two sketches — a bust of the artist and a composition with an easel. Experts supported the second option. They want to supplement it with lighting and a QR code so that everyone can learn more about the Sevastopol artist and teacher.

The plot and color schemes of the “Let’s be friends” graffiti are also supported. It is planned to be applied to the facade of a building on the territory of the trolleybus depot on Lev Tolstoy Street, 51.

The inclusive festival “Let’s Be Friends” was first held in Sevastopol at the end of October 2023. Its goal is the social adaptation of healthy children and children with disabilities through interaction in the same creative field. The graffiti is intended to draw attention to the problem of involving children with disabilities in joint activities with typical children.

The drawing will include a colored inscription “Let’s be friends”, as well as the festival logo in color. Preliminary consent of the enterprise “Sevelektroavtotrans im. A. S. Krupoderova”, departments of transport and development of road transport infrastructure, property and land relations, as well as architecture and urban planning received.

The project for the construction of a kindergarten and primary school in the Balaklava region was sent for revision. The developers presented several options for the bright design of the facade, but experts suggested reconsidering the color schemes and choosing pastel shades. It is also necessary to combine the architectural concept into one ensemble and display the main entrance to the building in the presentation.

Six projects were reviewed at a meeting of the Sevastopol Architectural and Art Council Six projects were reviewed at a meeting of the Sevastopol Architectural and Art Council

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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