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Some play, others watch: ranking of the most popular sports

Some play, others watch: ranking of the most popular sports

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to sharp-tongued fans of spectacles with a focus on sports, the whole world is divided into two unequal parts: some are participants (players, representatives) of one or another sport, and others are “sympathizers.” That is, those who take sports seriously, but prefer to look at it from the outside, being fans. Those representing the first cohort are hundreds of thousands, but the second includes hundreds of millions!

An interesting fact: experts do not even undertake to accurately calculate how many sports disciplines exist at the moment. But they say unequivocally — these are several thousand sports, each of which has its own unique rules, equipment and characteristics.

But here’s the injustice: according to experts, the vast majority of them will never be able to break into the top of popular sports, despite the entertainment, the complexity of the “scenarios,” etc. The “best” rating has been a “closed league” for several years now. It includes only a few sports games that attract millions of spectators at stadiums and specialized venues, and “millions of money” in the bank accounts of teams.

And this:

  • football (soccer): is one of the most popular and widespread sports in the world. It is extremely popular in many countries, including Europe, South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Major tournaments such as the World Cup and the Champions League attract huge numbers of spectators and fans from all over the world.
  • basketball: is also a popular sport, especially in the USA, where it has enormous popularity. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is considered one of the most prestigious professional leagues in the world.
  • tennis: widely popular among both amateurs and professionals. Grand Slam tournaments such as the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open attract millions of viewers.
  • golf: is a popular sport among amateurs, especially in the USA, Europe and Asia. Prestigious tournaments such as the Masters, US Open and British Open attract the attention of millions of golf fans.
  • baseball: remains a popular sport in the United States and Japan. MLB (Major League Baseball) is the largest professional baseball league in the world

Why are these sports so popular?

The popularity of these sports is explained by a combination of several factors:

  • cultural and historical aspects: these sports have become popular due to their deep “embeddedness” in the culture and traditions of certain countries or regions. For example, football has a long history and tradition in many countries in Europe and South America, which contributes to its enormous popularity in these regions.
  • media attention and commercial support: these sports receive enormous media attention and support from sponsors and television channels. Major tournaments and leagues attract millions of spectators and fans, which not only helps maintain their popularity, but also grows their engaged audience.
  • professional leagues and tournaments: create opportunities for talented athletes to demonstrate their skills on the world stage and draw attention to sporting events.
  • simplicity and accessibility: for example, football and basketball can be played almost anywhere with minimal equipment.
  • emotional appeal, which captures the imagination of viewers and fans. This may be due to the intensity of the competition, dramatic turns of events, or sports history.
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Regarding “promotion”, of course, it can play a role in popularizing the sport, especially among new generations. When a sport is widely known and discussed in the media, it can reach more people and increase its popularity. However, “promotion” itself is not the only factor determining the popularity of a sport. The quality of the competition, emotional appeal and accessibility also play an important role.

Sports went online

Project experts emphasize: with the development of the Internet, interest in sports has really grown. And this, in fact, is not surprising:

  • The World Wide Web provides access to a wealth of sports information, including news, statistics, competition schedules, interviews, analytics, sports betting and much more. This allows fans to keep abreast of all the latest events in the world of sports.
  • The Internet allows you to broadcast sporting events in real time through online platforms and streaming services. This makes sporting events accessible to watch anytime, anywhere.
  • social networks have become an important channel for discussing sporting events, exchanging opinions and emotions with other fans. Posting photos, videos and comments on these types of platforms has become an integral part of the sports experience.
  • The Internet contributes to the formation of fan communities around various sports and teams. Forums, chat rooms, blogs and social networks bring fans together, allowing them to exchange opinions, analyze games and support their favorite teams.
  • The Internet has also contributed to the popularity of fantasy sports, where participants can create virtual teams of real-life athletes and compete against each other based on their performance in real-life competitions.

And all these moments, naturally, also increase the “balance” of the popularity of already “promoted” sports.

Sports: popularity = money?

There is a certain relationship between the popularity of a sport and the income of its participants, including players. Popular sports tend to have larger audiences, which attracts more attention from sponsors, television rights and other sources of income. As a result, professional athletes in these fields can earn higher salaries than in less popular or professional sports.

Ratings of the richest athletes are regularly published by various sports and financial publications:

  • Forbes: annually publishes a ranking of the highest paid athletes. This ranking includes athletes from different sports such as football, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf and others.
  • sports channel ESPN also publishes rankings of the highest paid athletes, including various sports.
  • magazine «France Football» annually publishes a ranking of the highest paid football players.
  • FIFA also publishes various statistics and data on the earnings of football players.
  • NBA publishes information about player salaries in the league.
  • MLB (Major League Baseball) publishes information about the earnings of baseball players.

These rankings typically take into account athletes’ earnings from team contracts, sponsorship deals, prize money and other income. ABOUT nor provide an overall picture of which athletes make the most money in their field.

And this moment, by the way, is also an impetus for the popularization of this or that sport.

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