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Specialists of the UFSSP of Russia in Sevastopol warn about scammers

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Office of the Federal Bailiff Service for Sevastopol warns citizens about the increasing attempts to deceive by scammers who pretend to be bailiffs. In their criminal activities, they use fake notifications and phishing emails.

Attackers send e-mails to citizens about the presence of a debt that needs to be paid urgently. Also, false notices indicate enforcement measures in the form of arrest of bank accounts and property, in case of non-payment of the debt.

Fraudsters can send a link to pay off the debt, where you need to enter the details of bank cards of citizens. Also, such messages contain a request to follow the link to find out the details of the debt. After clicking on the link, the attackers offer Internet users to download a file that contains a malicious virus. Thus, they get access to the personal data of citizens and the details of their bank cards.

The Federal Bailiff Service of Russia for Sevastopol recommends that you be vigilant when receiving such electronic messages, do not click on links, do not download unknown files, do not transfer your personal data to fraudsters, including information about bank cards and accounts, and do not comply with the requirements for conducting any — any financial transactions.

To avoid fraudulent activity, it is necessary to check emails that contain calls to action, such as: “open”, “read”, “read”, as well as topics related to debt, finance and banking.

For safe work with e-mail, the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service for Sevastopol does not recommend clicking on links if they are long or created using link shortening services:,, and the like. Internet users are not recommended to click on links from the letter if they are replaced with words, and also not to hover over them with the mouse and view the full address of sites.

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In addition, it is necessary to carefully study the addresses of the official websites of the FSSP of Russia and its territorial bodies in order to avoid the use of fake sites offering to find out about the presence of debts. Fake sites can copy the design of the official website of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia and the interface of the Enforcement Proceedings Data Bank service. Discrepancies between official and fake addresses can be minimal and differ by one character.

A notice of the initiation of enforcement proceedings is sent to citizens by mail or to a personal account on the State Services portal, if the user submits an appropriate application for sending him legally significant notifications in electronic form.

Residents of Sevastopol can obtain reliable information about the presence of debt using the «Data Bank of Enforcement Proceedings» on the official website of the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service for Sevastopol or by following the link /iss/ip, as well as using the State Services portal and the FSSP mobile application.

It is possible to pay the existing debt only through the State Services portal or by generating a receipt for paying the debt in any credit institution.

Source: Press Service of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia for Sevastopol

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