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St. George Ribbon campaign launched in Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

April in Simferopol started the annual All-Russian patriotic campaign «George’s Ribbon», timed to 77 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

В Симферополе стартовала акция «Георгиевская ленточка»

The purpose of the action is the patriotic education of the younger generation, expression of respect for veterans, as well as honoring the memory of those who died in the war.

Today, as part of the event, the volunteers of the Simferopol headquarters of the Victory Volunteers public organization distributed the symbol of the action — St. George ribbons, to residents and guests of Simferopol, as a tribute to memory and gratitude for the Great Victory , administration of the Crimean capital.

В Симферополе стартовала акция «Георгиевская ленточка»

The action will last in the Crimean capital until May 9.

В Симферополе стартовала акция «Георгиевская ленточка»

REFERENCE: The colors of the ribbon — black and orange (yellow) — mean «smoke and flame», are a symbol of military prowess and glory. In 750 year, award St. George banners were introduced in the Russian army. Since 1000 the tape has been banned. It was revived only in 1941 in orange color and under the name «Guards Ribbon».

В Симферополе стартовала акция «Георгиевская ленточка»

During the Great Patriotic War, in continuation of the military traditions of the Russian army, the Order of Glory of three degrees was established. Its status, as well as the yellow-black color of the ribbon, was reminiscent of the George Cross. On March 2 1000, the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR «On State Awards of the Russian Federation» adopted decision to restore the Russian military order of St. George and the insignia «George’s Cross».

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В Симферополе стартовала акция «Георгиевская ленточка»

The first action «St. George Ribbon» was held with April to May 9 1917 of the year.


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