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Stairs near the Sevastopol Cathedral of Peter and Paul will be overhauled

Stairs near the Sevastopol Cathedral of Peter and Paul will be overhauled

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The question of what the overhaul of the stairs at the Peter and Paul Cathedral will include was discussed at a meeting of the architectural and artistic council. The project customer reports «Sevastopol newspaper»– State Public Institution “Management for the Operation of Municipal Facilities”, developer LLC “BRP”.

As the developer’s representative Valery Opolchentsev reported, the design solutions include replacing the coverings with similar ones on all platforms and stairs, adjusting the height position of granite steps that have partially sagged, with their local repair and re-installation, as well as adjusting the bases for the landings and coverings.

We dismantle granite steps and carry out local repairs using special compounds that have been selected. We save the level of the platforms, location, number and height of steps. Where steps are lost, a similar replacement is providedexplained the speaker.

In addition, it is planned to install tactile plates on the stairs being repaired.

Because it is impossible to provide other measures for the access of people with limited mobility, the slope of the stairs and their width do not allow– noted V.Opolchentsev.

As was stated during the meeting, the stairs are located in the area of ​​the historical settlement, the subject of protection is their material and design solutions.

We can’t change anything. Replacement of tiles is carried out within 35% of the existing ones with the same ones that are currently on site. There are some areas that are covered with asphalt; the coating will be replaced with the same asphalt as part of the projectexplained the speaker.

During the discussion, several comments were made, including on the design of tactile lines, which, as it turned out, do not necessarily have to be yellow.

There is a GOST, according to which in historical buildings the color yellow can not be used, beige tactile signs can be used. This is how we do it on Bolshaya Morskayareminded the head of Sevnaslediya Irina Maslikova.

Another question arose regarding the use of paving stones rather than asphalt on some sites.

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According to I. Maslikova, this territory is included in the boundaries of the historical settlement and in the protection zone of the OKN, but at the same time it is not an independent OKN. So it is quite possible to cover all the areas with paving stones.

The developer is also recommended to make a section in the project to ensure the safety of monuments that are located nearby, undergo a historical examination and submit it again to the next meeting of the Architectural Council.

We will finalize the preservation section and submit it for approval to the state historical and cultural examination“, promised the developer’s representative.

Separately, the issue of rubble retaining walls on both sides of the stairs was raised.

We are not touching these walls now; work on their repair will presumably be carried out in the second stage. This is a natural stone, and there are areas that require rebuilding, and there are those where it is enough to strengthen the seams and restore them without any problems— said V.Opolchentsev.

They also promised to consider the issue of installing horizontal parapet cornice slabs, which are shown in historical photographs.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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