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Statistics: every fourth Russian worked as a courier

Statistics: every fourth Russian worked as a courier

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Avito Rabota conducted a survey among more than 7,000 working Russians to find out about their experience of working as a courier and the benefits of this profession. The results showed that almost a quarter (24%) of respondents had ever worked or moonlighted as couriers.

Of these, 4% still work or periodically go to work as a courier, and 20% had such experience in the past. In some professional fields, there were even more people working in courier delivery.

It is especially interesting that among those who still work or sometimes work as a courier, the majority were employees from the field of marketing, advertising and PR (13%), as well as tourism and the hotel and restaurant business (11%).

Previously, 38% of automotive business specialists, 33% of marketing, advertising and PR workers, 30% of insurance workers, 27% of IT specialists, the same number of representatives of the arts, entertainment and mass media, fitness and beauty industry, as well as 25% of online trade workers and 24% of transport and logistics specialists.

Another 16% of respondents did not have such experience, but they plan to work in courier delivery. In particular, such plans were voiced by 20% of transport and logistics workers.

Those Russians who have work experience or are just planning to work as a courier highlighted the main, in their opinion, advantages of such work. The majority (52%) of respondents noted a flexible schedule and the ability to combine work and personal life as advantages. This was more important for women (55%) than for men (49%).

Among other advantages of working in courier delivery, Russians named physical activity during the working day (39%), the opportunity to earn good money (28%) and explore the city, discover new areas (27%). 26% of Russians’ arguments in favor of working as a courier boiled down to a quick start to work in the field without the need for lengthy training, and the same number appealed to the opportunity to combine work and study at a university or college.

A quarter (25%) of respondents see the advantage of working as a courier, regardless of the specific place of work (office or enterprise), and every fifth (20%) respondent is attracted by the opportunity to meet and communicate with new people. 12% of survey participants plan to gain experience in the delivery sector for a future career in this field, and every tenth (10%) plan to increase their responsibility, self-organization, and develop personal and professional qualities.

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