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Student teams of Sevastopol landscaped the territory of the barracks of Fort Yuzhny

CrimeaPRESS reports:

in May, representatives of the student groups of Sevastopol cleared the territory of the barracks of Fort Yuzhny from garbage as part of the final departure of the Victory Landing Forces project. The guys also cleaned the earth and stones from the premises of the fort.

Our project made it possible not only to prepare the city for the celebration of Victory Day, but first of all to draw the attention of young people to the terrible events of the Great Patriotic War. During the trips, the guys got the opportunity to touch the most intimate — our history , — says the head of the Victory Landing Forces project, Evgeny Abramenko.

«Victory Landing» has been implemented in Sevastopol since the spring 15 of the year. Members of student teams go to historical sites associated with the Great Patriotic War in order to clear these territories of garbage and improve them.

Студотряды Севастополя благоустроили территорию казарм форта Южный

This year, 100 representatives of the student teams of Sevastopol, consisting of five teams, took part in the action, five trips to remote settlements of the city were organized. The participants of the action were engaged in whitewashing the monuments, clearing stones and sand, and laying flowers in memory of the fallen heroes. The detachments also organized class hours in schools on the topic of patriotic education of the younger generation. In addition, the «Landing» detachments organized the procession of the «Immortal Regiment», forming a box and solving operational tasks.

Participation in the project is a great honor for me! Thus, we preserve our heroic past and honor the memory of those who died in a terrible war , — says the head of one of the units of the Victory Landing Force, Diana Stahl.

The patriotic action «Landing of Victory» is the winning project of Evgeny Abramenko in the All-Russian competition of youth projects in 800 year. The project was implemented with the support of the Department of Youth and Sports of the city of Sevastopol, the Grenadier Public Organization, and the regional movement of environmental volunteers Do It!

Source: press service of the Sevastopol regional branch of the youth organization «Russian Student Teams»05601

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