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«Tavrida.ART» will tell residents of Sudak how street art can be useful to the city

«Tavrida.ART» will tell residents of Sudak how street art can be useful to the city

CrimeaPRESS reports:

From September 12 to 16, the Tavrida.ART project office in Sudak will host a course of lectures for everyone on the topic of the relevance and artistic value of street art. Experts and artists will answer questions about why cities are increasingly including murals in their appearance, how street art is changing the life of residential areas, when street art ceased to be vandalism and became part of modern urban culture. Meetings with Sudak residents will be held as part of the first street art festival in Crimea “Tavrida.ART”, dedicated to City Day.

Art is not always about museums and galleries. Sometimes the city becomes the frame for the paintings — then they change the usual perception of art. Such painting, large images that the artist applies to the facade, is called a “mural.” These works not only change the appearance of the streets, but also enter into dialogue with residents. Street art is a tool thanks to which any city acquires greater individuality, bright points of attraction, and buildings receive new life.

Street art evokes conflicting perceptions among residents. One way or another, some townspeople are wondering what this is — vandalism or a new attraction? «Tavrida.ART» is ready to answer this question.

At the lectures, which will be held from September 12 to 16, artists, architects, and researchers will tell Sudok residents about what street art is, how it arose, how it is developing and why it is now so important for the cultural and social environment.

Starting from September 9, street artists will paint the facades of houses on the central streets of Sudak in real time. This is a unique opportunity for residents and guests of the city to see live how murals are created. Street artists will present the final results in a week — on September 16th.

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Lectures will be held daily at 17:00 at st. Lenina, 39. Admission is free, required registration.

source: press service of the art cluster “Tavrida.ART”

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