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Tax Service of Sevastopol: the details of the name of the recipient have changed when transferring payments

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Federal Tax Service of Russia for the city of Sevastopol announces a change in the name of the recipient to be indicated when transferring payments administered by the tax authorities. These changes were made to simplify the filling of settlement documents.

Now in the field «16» of the «Recipient» attribute of the payment document, instead of «The Federal Treasury Department for the Tula Region (Interregional Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service for Debt Management)», the value «Treasury of Russia (FTS of Russia)» is indicated. Other details of the payee have not changed.

These adjustments apply from 15 May. If the old details are entered in the payment document in the «Recipient» field, this will not affect the crediting of the payment.

The clarifications were brought to the system of tax authorities by the letter of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 8-5-03/0017@ dated 05/17/2023.

Number (fields)
Name (fields) of the attribute
payment document
13 Name of the beneficiary’s bank «BRANCH OF TULA OF THE BANK OF RUSSIA//UFK in the Tula region, Tula»
14 BIC of the beneficiary’s bank (BIC TOFK) «017003983»
15 Account number of the beneficiary’s bank (number of the bank account included in the single treasury account) «40102810445370000059»
16 Recipient «Treasury of Russia (FTS of Russia)»
17 Treasury account number «03100643000000018500»

In addition, we inform you that direct participants in the treasury payment system in the requisite «Recipient» when drawing up an order of a legal entity (instruction of a financial authority) in the form of a payment order issued in accordance with the Requirements of the Bank of Russia (hereinafter referred to as the payment order), and in the requisite «Name / surname , name, patronymic» when drawing up an order to make a treasury payment in the form of an Application for cash expense (form code according to KFD 0531801) (hereinafter referred to as the Application for cash expense), executed in accordance with the procedure established by the Federal Treasury, formed including using unified information system in the field of procurement (hereinafter referred to as the GIS UIS), the transfer of a single tax payment and other payments administered by tax authorities is indicated by: «Treasury of Russia (FTS of Russia)», while the requisite «Personal account» of section 3 «Contractor’s details» Applications for cash flow are not subject to completion.

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In the requisite «Purpose of payment» of the Application for cash expense, generated in the GIS UIS, for the transfer of a single tax payment and other payments, administered by the tax authorities, the code for classifying budget expenditures is not indicated.

source: press service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Sevastopol

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